Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Pictures

Yeah, definitely not wonderful. Lol. Aubrie smiled in ZERO. I didn't realize that pregnancy was affecting the fatness of my face already. But it was quite the wake up call. I guess those 8 cookies I ate today will just blend in my already overly round face.
On a better note, we did get one decent one. And a few great ones of Hailey. Enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sponge Curlers

I was talking to my friend Kendra about cutting Hailey's hair because it is out of control. She suggested trying sponge curlers for our family pictures, and she happened to have some. So I gave it a shot. I really didn't think she'd sleep in them though. When I first showed them to her, she was totally excited. But I figured by the time she had to lay down in them, she'd want them out. But I was wrong. She didn't complain once. She thought she was just Ms. Thang. Her hair turned out really cute! When I took the curlers out around 10, it was really curly, but I knew by the time pictures rolled around it would lose enough oomph and look good. And it did!
Anyway, here are pictures of her sporting her cute new hair!
And of course Aubrie wanted in on the fun so the next morning I put them in her hair. They lasted all of 2 minutes before she yanked them out.

By the way, Aubrie has no ear infection, it was confirmed today that she is just a brat. Oh well, now I wont feel like an awful mom listening to her scream. She was better today though.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I need a break

from being a mom.

This week has been quite a trying one. Aubrie has been on this be a complete brat kick. No joke. She is generally a very happy girl and quite compliant. She sleeps great, wakes up cheerful, eats breakfast happy, watches a few shows, plays, takes a nap with no complaints and basically throws maybe 1 fit a day. Night time rolls around, she gives us all kisses, sings a song and goes down without a fuss.

Well this week, that is definitely not the case. While she has been sleeping ok, she has NOT been happy at any other point in the day. Everything turns into a full blown, throw herself on the ground, kick and screaming fit.

Example 1: Mom leaving to the gas station
The gas station is 2 minutes away. She knew where I was going, and knew I'd be right back. Dad put a show on for her and I tried to slip out the door. She cried the entire 15 minutes I was gone. It took her another 15 minutes after I got home to calm down.

Example 2: Target
I had a few returns to make the other day. Quick easy trip. I wasn't even planning on walking around at all. So I didn't put the girls in a cart, it was just customer service, and I thought it would be quick and painless. Wrong. The girl wanted me to go get another one of the curling iron that I was returning. Fine, whatever. So I get a cart and try to put the girls in it. Hailey went in the back fine, Aubrie... oh dear. You'd think I was trying to amputate her leg. She screamed the whole way to the cosmetics and back. I ended up having to hold her so she didn't throw herself out of the cart. Imagine that, 6 months pregnant, pushing a cart, holding a screaming 19 month old while she's flailing all around. People probably thought I was a HORRIBLE mother. I couldn't care less.

Example 3: The carseat
Now, she's never LOVED riding in the car, but shes also never thrown a fit getting into the car. On 4 different occasions this week (every time I put her in the car this week) she threw a HUGE tantrum. Arching her back so that you can't get her straps on. I basically had to sit on her to strap her in. And then she proceeds to slide the clip part down (screaming all the while) and try and get her arms out. So I raise it back up and tighten it even more, which of course doesn't help the screaming and kicking.

Example 4: Dinnertime
If you know my girls at all, you know that they LOVE to eat. Well Aubrie has basically taken an eating hiatus. I put her in her high chair for dinner, she eats 2 bites and wants down. But that's not it, she then wants up on my lap and to eat my food. If I try and give her a bite of the SAME EXACT food off of her plate, she'll throw the fork. But will eat mine if offered to her. At lunch, she'll throw her plate on the ground and not eat anything. Whatever kid, starve.

Example 5: Pictures
Today we tried to go take family pictures at the park. Michael's friend from work is trying to start up a photography business (who isn't?) so offered to do ours. Sure, I'm huge and pregnant, but oh well, we haven't taken family pictures since Aubs was born. We were supposed to meet her at 1:30 at the park. Well we decided our best chances at having a happy Aubrie was to skip church and put her down for an early nap. Because going straight from church to pictures would be self destruction. Well, we sinned for no reason, she was less then cooperative anyway. Would NOT smile, didn't want Michael to touch her, hold her, or even look at her. I think we took like 15 pictures total. It was pretty much pointless.

Example 6: Bedtime
Aubrie LOVES to sleep (I wonder where she got that). Since she was 3 months old, we've laid her in bed, and walked away. The most she has ever fussed would be like 2 minutes. And that was out of the norm. Well lately it's a good 30 minutes. And it's not that she isn't tired, because believe me, she is. Tonight Michael said, "You know how I can tell she's really mad in there? Because she's calling for me". But of course the second he goes in there to give her some water or something she says, "I want Mommy!". No thanks. So I sit here and listen to her whining, "waaaaaannnt doooooooowwwwwwwwwnnnnnn". But I've learned if I get her up now, and try to put her down in 15 minutes, I've just delayed the 30 minute scream session.

So, as I stated, I need a break.
Michael has worked 20 hours of overtime for the past two weeks. And he's scheduled another 20 this week too. He's come home and fallen asleep by 7 at least a quarter of those days. I can't complain, he's working his tail off. I really should call a babysitter and go out for a few hours on my own, but there are 2 problems with that, first, I have no money to pay a babysitter for those few hours (or go anywhere) and secondly, I wouldn't want to put ANYONE else through what I've been through the past week of Aubrie. UGH.

As for now, I'm gonna scrounge up some change, go to the gas station and get myself some cheesy nachos and drown my sorrows away.

It could be worse...

P.S. I have finally decided, that with no teeth showing, or swollen gums, I am just going to give in and take Aubrie to the dr. tomorrow. HOPEFULLY she has an ear infection that would explain the non-stop crankiness. I've been putting it off though because she has no fever, and just a runny nose, and who doesn't feel stupid when they take their baby in, thinking something is wrong, just for the Dr. to smile and say, it's just a little virus, it'll go away on its own. Well I'm now past feeling dumb for that, I need to know. I need ANY excuse for this behaviour. Even a little virus. Heaven help us...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 Weird Facts

So I've been tagged by a few people, and I don't remember who exactly. Holly and Nathaly for sure though. I've procrastinated for a while because I didn't know what to write, but I'll figure things out.

1. I have to sleep with the fan on. No matter if it's 30 degrees outside, I have to have the fan. I think its because I like to use my blankets but hate to be hot.

2. When driving with other people, I don't care to have music on. I hate turning it down to talk or see what the girls need, I'd rather it just be quiet. Most of the time if I'm alone, its not even turned on unless I'm either in a really grumpy mood and need the distraction, or in a really good mood and wanna sing.

3. When I'm pregnant, I want to eat laundry soap. Lol, no not really. I just LOVE the smell of it (mostly the powder) and would open the container every time I walk by and my mouth would water.

4. I always have to finish off whatever I eat with something sweet. I can eat a whole meal and be completely stuffed, but still crave something sugar.

5. When I wake up from anethesia, I wake up crying. Not because I hurt, or anything, I just do, everytime. Which has been 5 or 6 times.

6. I don't care for chocolate. Sure I'll crave a caramello every now and again, but I could definitely live without it.

7. I have a VERY weak bladder. Lol, I pee when I laugh, I pee when I sneeze, and I especially pee when I'm throwing up. Nothing holds it in, so during morning sickness times, whilst running to the bathroom, I grab a towel, strip my bottoms off, and throw the towel under me because it will come a-flowin!

I'm not tagging anyone because everyone has probably been tagged by now. So if you haven't been tagged and feel like doing it, go right ahead.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

24 weeks

I've had a few requests for a belly shot. While I still think its mostly just fat, I'll humor you all anyway.

And here is another one I tried to get of me and Aubrie, but Michael thought it would be funny to jump in the picture and distract Aubs.

Happy Birthday Hailey

So I figured I'd do a birthday post as a tribute to my new 3 year old! Here's just a little bit of information about my Hailey.

Hailey LOVES puzzles. Her cousins J.D. and Zephyr bought her a new puzzle today for her birthday, it's 48 pieces and she has already amost got it down. She definitely has her daddy's puzzle doing brain.
She is still ridiculously afraid of dogs.
Hailey's favorite drink is water. If you ask her juice, milk, or water 9 times out of 1o she'll pick water. Now if you throw soda in the mix, she'd probably pick that, but we'll just refrain from offering that.
She is wonderful at entertaining herself. If I need a nap all I have to do is go ask her to go play upstairs quietly for a little while and she gladly will.
She loves The Little Mermaid.
Her favorite song is Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam.
Hailey is a social butterfly. She can make friends ANYWHERE.
She loves nature. Always picking up leaves and flowers and anything else outside.
Her favorite cereal is Pops.
She is still scared of the vacuum too. She hates that Aubrie isn't scared of it and always tells her to sit on the couch with her while I vacuum, while Aubs would rather chase it around.
Hailey can be very sensitive. She really hates getting in trouble and she'll get a huge pouty lip and cry if you yell at her.
She is a total Mom. Always making sure Aubrie or any other baby around is happy.
She uses her hands to talk (much like her father).
And she scowls like her mother.
If she wakes up on her own in the morning, she is very pleasant. But if you wake her up, WATCH OUT!

Hailey has always been such a joy in our household! Sure she can be a brat, but she makes up for it in her happy moments. I can't believe she is 3 already!! Before we know it, she'll be in kindergarten. Here are a few pictures from tonights family party we had for her.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hailey's Party

Hailey wanted to have a little birthday party this year with her church/neighborhood friends. I decided that I would do it while Amy was out here visiting from California, to make it less stressful on me. So we had it on friday, just a week early. She knew that it was her party, but she also knows that she's still 2 for a few more days. If you ask her, she'll say, I 2, but I be 3 in just a couple days, October 17! Or if you ask her if she's almost 3, she'll say, uh huh! My birthday is almost up!!
Anyway, we had a little halloween party with 5 of her little girlfriends. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!!

The food: Spider web cupcakes, spider oreos
ghost sandwiches, ghost nutter butters,
and mummy mini hot dogs... YUM!

Her friends and their mommies hanging out!
Payton the bear, Hailey the mermaid, and Taylen the Cow
Hailey opening presents. She totally didn't understand the concept. She would open them, I'd say, Hailey that's from Ashlee and so she'd open it and then hand it back to whoever it was from. She thought it was FOR them, but she was just opening them.
Blowing out her candles
Aubrie thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake! "What do you mean I'm a mess Mom!?"All the girls jumping on the trampoline. I wasn't gonna open the door to outside because it was 40 degrees out there, but they all REALLY wanted to jump. We figured most of their costumes were warm enough
All the costumes were so cute! Payton and her little sister Hadlee were bears. Ashlee was a flower and her little sister Brooklyn was a chicken. Kaitlyn was a Boise State cheerleader. Taylin was a cow (her little sister was sleeping the whole time, no need for a costume). Adalyn had an adorable halloween outfit on . Hailey was ariel and Aubrie was a fairy. Between friends and siblings we had a total of 10 girls and 4 pregnant mommies! WOW!
Thanks to all the mommies, Kendra, Heidi, Tawsha, Carolyn, and Heather for bringing your kiddos and being great friends! Hailey had a blast and loved her presents!
Thanks Amy for being such a great help! Love you!

Friday, October 3, 2008

BSU Game

Michael and I got the opportunity to go see a Boise State Football game on Wednesday. His friend Denver had extra tickets and invited us. We really wanted to go this season, but most games were already sold out, or way too expensive. Anyway, it was a really fun game. We kicked booty, 38-3 Seats weren't bad. It was hot at first, like almost 90, but as soon as the sun tucked around the corner it was perfect weather. It's crazy how loud the stadium is, and how great the fans are! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. I tried to get one without my double chin, but I guess it's impossible, when you HAVE one. Michaels comment: "Nothing photoshop can't fix honey". Gee thanks.