Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow, something crawled out of the woodworks

And that would be me. I know, I've disappeared, three kids keeps me sort of busy. I need to start posting again more often. I plan to try!
Seeing that this is sort of a journal I wanted to post a blog about my Aubrie...

I have made many comments about my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad AUBRIE. She was lovingly nicknamed Diablo for quite some time. I am very enthralled to announce that she has relinquished that title. Aubrie has turned into a sweet, loving, caring, obeying, and most of all HAPPY little girl. Before, she threw at LEAST 4 tantrums a day. And when I say tantrum, I mean laying on the ground kicking, screaming, and hitting herself. They would easily last 20 minutes, only for another thing to set her off 2 hours later and begin again. Over the past 4 weeks, she has thrown probably 5 of those tantrums TOTAL. I have had multiple people comment on how different of a child she is. She was never horrible for other people, but she was also, not social, and very distant. She now is happy and chats everyone's heads off.
Why you ask? What caused this sudden change in personality? One can only speculate. BUT here is my speculation...
On October 2oth I noticed a very large bump on her gums above her tooth. It seriously looked as if a pea was stuck underneath. It was swollen and looked awful. Rewind back to July 2008. Aubrie fell off of a picnic table and knocked her tooth at our family reunion. She chipped both front teeth, mostly her left one though. We immediately took her to a dentist in the middle of no where Utah. The dentist told us there was no emergency and to just make an apt with our dentist in Idaho. When we returned to Idaho we took her in to a pediatric dentist. He said that none of the nerve was exposed and sent us on our way. He said she didn't need to be seen again until she was 3. Fast forward 8 months later. Aubrie is now 2 and a big fat pain in the butt. I blame it on terrible 2's. 1 month later I noticed the inside of the tooth turning a green color. I take her back to said Dentist and he takes a 15 second look at it and says that she must have ate something green and dyed her tooth. No x-rays, nothing. Sent me on my way again. Aubrie now earns her nickname, Diablo. She was horrible! Chances are if you called me at any given time of the day, she was screaming in the background. I even had to quit nursing Brooklyn because it stressed me out too much because Aubrie would lay on the ground and scream bloody murder the entire time. We then moved to Arizona, Aubrie remained the same. I continued to blame it on the big changes in her life, a new baby, moving to a different place, living with grandma, etc..
Back to Oct 20th. I noticed this mass in her mouth and immediately call a local pediatric dentist. He says that she MUST be seen that day. We get in for a 3 o clock apt. I drop my other two off at my cousins house and off we go. Dentist takes one look at it and says, that tooth needs out NOW. It had become infected and was so bad that he said if we had waited much longer (like 2 days) she could have gone blind. We took x-rays to make sure no other tooth was infected. We waited until Michael got there and as soon as he did we held her down best we could, he numbed her up and yanked that tooth out. Long story short, he said that he has never seen a tooth that infected and his guess was that it has been infected since I went in in April. The dentist put her on antibiotics for 10 days and said that she should feel much better soon. Well lets just say that was definitely an understatement. She has become a different child.
I have finally gotten over my guilt of not noticing the infection sooner and getting something figured out. There was really no way I could have known and I am just glad that I DID catch it when I did.
Let's just pray I didn't jinx myself and Aubrie stays the happy little girl she has become!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yogurt Bandit

I rolled out of bed this morning around 8:45, sort of wondering why neither girl had woken me up yet.
And this my friends, is what I found...

Yogurt #1
More #3#4
#'s 5, 6, 7 & 8
And now, the culprit...I suppose I should go clean.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Festivities

Today I let the girls color Easter eggs. I really didn't wanna deal with the mess by myself, since Michael is at work all day, but when I went to the store a few days ago I found this cool set that lets you dye them by shaking them in a cup. So no messy blue/pink/yellow/green/purple water that will inevitably be knocked over and turn my kitchen into an Easter egg. They very much enjoyed themselves and wanted to do even more. Now they're just counting down the minutes until the Easter bunny comes and hides them, and as Hailey let me know, leaves them candy, eggs, and toys.

I also braved the cold with all three girls this morning and took them to the Annual Kuna Easter Egg Hunt at the local high school. They LOVED it. Hailey took off right away and started grabbing them. She would shake them first to make sure something was in them, lol, and if she threw them back on the ground, it means she didn't hear anything in them, so I quickly picked it back up and threw it in her basket, knowing that it meant there was a prize. Silly girl! Aubrie on the other hand didn't want to pick up all the eggs. She only wanted pink ones. It took her a few minutes but she finally started getting whatever was closest. I forgot my diaper bag, which had my camera in it, so I have no pictures of that. Bummer! Hailey's little friend Shad won first prize and got a new BSU bronco bike. Yay Shad!

Just a cute girl...

To answer a few questions, yes, I found my camera. Lol, it was in the coffee table. There is a little slot underneath where we keep the laptop and a few other random things (read- crap). Aubrie pulled it out of there one day and I was like, Oh Duh! I guess it was just too obvious of a place to even think to look. So I've been trying to be better at taking pictures. These are of Brooklyn a few days before she turned 2 months. I managed to catch a smile in one of them even. She smiles here and there, but never when a camera is around.

Tubby Time

These pictures are of Brooklyn's first (or 3rd) time in the big bath. She doesn't LOVE it, but she doesn't cry at all either. The other two girls love to help me bathe her. Each time I start the tub for her they take off their pants so they can stand in the tub and help clean her. I'm sure they can't wait until she can sit up and join them in their fun tubs!