Friday, April 18, 2008

Park Fun

So my neighbor Jill and I took our girls down to the park today. It was a nice day, mid sixties. Hailey was a brat the whole time. It was more then obvious she didn't have a nap today. But that is a complete lose lose situation. If I put her down for a nap she stays up until practically midnight. If I don't put her down for a nap she is cranky as can be. Oh well, I deal, and Jill is a true blue friend, she deals with my girls crankiness and doesn't mind one bit (I hope).
Hopefully in the near (you hear that girls, NEAR) future, park dates will be more fun because our 1 year olds will be walking. Ha! -Amelia and Aubrie-

The girls riding in the wagon to the park! Hailey refused to go in my stroller be the wagon is

Hailey will hardly EVER turn at look at the camera for me, so this is a LUCKY shot!

Aubers playing in the bars!

It's so fun to have neighbors that are friends! Thanks for playing will us Jill!!

p.s. The high tomorrow is 52, then in the 40s the next day. Can it just warm up and STAY warm?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's been a while...

Just thought I would post a quick update on where we've been. My best friend Holly, and her adorable son come into town last Wednesday. We had tons of fun, went shopping and ate way too much! I seriously gained 2 lbs while she was here. We stayed up until 3 in the morning doing puzzles and talking. Hailey was absolutely in love with Tyler and did NOT want to send him home. We didn't let her go to the airport with us to take Holly home because we knew she would have a major meltdown. Anyway, thanks so much Holly for coming out here!! We love you and miss you already! -Oh and as usual, we took no pictures of us, or any of the kids together... we're dorks-

Other then that we've just been keeping busy around the house. I'm working on getting my 13 1/2 month old to walk. Crazy girl can do it, she often walks to me from the couch or whatever else she is holding onto, 9+ steps. But she's too lazy to do it all the time. And Hailey is working on something big right now too, and doing WONDERFULLY but I don't wanna talk about it too much or I'll jinx it!

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL around here lately. We hit the high 70s on saturday, sunday and Monday. But it was just a mean joke. Today it is 35 and WINDY. It's freezing! The high is like 45, not my idea of a funny joke. We loved the few days we had though. The girls played outside a lot and went to the park. We were soaking the sun up! Too bad it didn't last. Bummer. A few more weeks maybe.

Well I'll come back later and post some pictures...