Saturday, January 24, 2009

My cute brother and my cute kiddos!

I haven't posted a picture of my kids in FOREVER. Honestly, I haven't taken any in a while. I think I took some in the snow the other day, but haven't put them on the computer yet. That will be tomorrows chore. So for an updated picture, I stole one off of Jessica's blog. This is one of my favorite pictures! You can NEVER get Aubrie to smile like that for the camera. But she LOVED Uncle George (both the girls do!), so she smiled.
Thanks for all the votes on my poll. It's actually kinda funny how it's panning out because the order of favorites is exactly opposite of my order of favorites. We'll see if it sways my decision. Time will tell.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Funk and Poll

So... I have totally not been in the mood to blog. I really haven't even had anything to blog about lately. Life is just monotonous. Wake, eat, play, laundry, pick up toys, eat, nap, play, pick up toys, eat, put girls to bed, watch tv, pick up toys, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Although I bet in 12 days I will look back on this normalcy with fondness, because I'm pretty sure a newborn is going to throw us all for a loop.
Which brings me to my poll. I didn't really care to throw any names out there because, quite honestly, I don't care for some peoples rude, uncalled for opinions. So you hate the name? I don't care, just tell me you like one of the other options better. You think I should name her Petunia? Well honey, it's my kid, not your garden, let it go.
But I'm down to the wire and can't decide which I like best. I like all three fairly equally, but none feel quite right. I suppose when I see her I may just know, but I seriously doubt it. I couldn't decide with Aubrie so my three-year-old niece made the final decision.
So go vote... Her middle name will most likely be Anne, with the possibility of Jade.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home Again

Well we've finally made it back. Alive and well for the most part. And excited to be back home where we can resume a semblance of normalcy.
We had loads of fun, and I took zero pictures on my camera. I was too lazy to find where I packed it so most the time I just grabbed whatever camera was close by. So I'm sure there are pictures on Jess and Davids camera, my moms, and my sisters. Soooo if you're reading this, send them this way so I can post them! Thanks! Until then, I will just post the highlights (and possibly low lights) of the trip.

  • 4 hours on the road, already 2 chips in our brand new windshield. Sweeeet.
  • Made it to Vegas with great weather and a happy Hailey. (Aubrie left earlier that day to California with Nana- hallelujah).
  • Stayed up way too late with my good friend Nikki playing Dr. Mario (and politely kicking her butt). Lol, love ya Nik!
  • Enjoyed In-n-Out in Barstow {yum yum}
  • Made it to Dana Point and got to see Aubrie, who only cared that Hailey -Shisshy- was there.
  • Enjoyed a few days with LeeAnn, Jack, and Nana. Was politely handed a butt kicking in a game of Hand and Foot. For once ;-).
  • Realized my stupidity (I'm a desert rat, give me a break) of turning the heat COMPLETELY off at our house.
  • Denver breaking into our house and turning it back on, letting us know our house was 38 degrees. Niiiice.
  • Drove to the desert in time for Holly's annual Christmas party. Enjoyed a fun night with friends!
  • Slept on a decent bed for once this trip (thanks again Jeanny!!).
  • Enjoyed a swiss donut, after sending my husband BACK to get me the right donut, and YES there is a difference between a cake donut and a regular one. Ugh! No one goes to Swiss Donut to get a cake sprinkle donut, might as well go to the gas station!
  • Complained about high gas prices. It was 1.35 in Boise, and we were paying 1.80. But we should keep our mouths shut because last year we paid 4 dollars some places during this same trip. {locking it up}
  • Got to spend time with all our Desert friends and family. Amy and Steve, Holly and Chad, Ninny and Poppy, Joe, Jeanny, and others.
  • Surprised Mom by getting to Arizona early, yay!
  • Got to see Brittany and her new baby Bostyn, who looks a lot like my Aubrie. And people often say our husbands look a lot alike (no relation).
  • Enjoyed yummy Melanesia for Christmas eve.
  • Got to spend time (as little as it was) with the whole family Christmas Eve, playing games, opening presents and eating.
  • Slept in until almost 9 Christmas morning (much to Jessica's dismay ;-))
  • Enjoyed the pleasure of watching our children open presents and play all day.
  • Michael scoring a perfect 555 on the WiiFit soccer game. Him and David played for HOURS one night just trying to out do the other.
  • Snacking on Sonic Ice.
  • Hung out with Aunt Lorna, Bradley, Jamee, Fressia, and Tibbs.
  • Attempting to walk around the Mall with my Mom and Jessica, and realizing I am huge and slow. Thankfully Jess walked with me.
  • Forgetting that I can't walk for very long and attempting the outdoor mall the very next day, my other sisters weren't so nice, and left me in the dust.
  • Took Hailey bowling for the first time. Mom kicked all our butts. I didn't do too badly for a huge pregnant woman.
  • Hailey decided since Aubrie found and brought to her, some hair cutting scissors, she should take that for a hint and give herself a haircut. We were finding random tufts of hair for the next few hours. Thankfully she has loads of hair and you can hardly see the sporadic chops.
  • 2 hours into the 16 hour drive home and Aubrie is throwing up, poor baby!
  • 5 hours into the 16 hour drive (after leaving at 2:30 am) and I STILL CAN'T SLEEP!
  • 17 hours later, HOME!
I'm sure I missed lots of things, and I'm also sure NO one has read this all, but I must document for myself. As soon as I receive some pictures, I will post them. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoys this New Year!