Monday, June 23, 2008

It's been a while...

Since I've sat down to post anything. It has not been a while though since I sat down, because that is ALL I have done the past 5 days. Sit on my rear end, sleep, or lay on the couch. My house is a mess, my children are cranky, and my butt is SORE from sitting. It's nice to be lazy every once in a while. but this is extreme.
So, why am I being so lazy? I have no choice. I broke my foot. I was simply walking out of my neighbors house, carrying Aubrie, and shutting the door behind me. Well I guess that was too much for me to handle. I tripped and must have landed wrong. I cracked the bone above my pinky toe, in two places. Nice huh!
So here I sit. I have to say, I am very lucky to have great family and friends. Hayden rushed to my house on Thursday to drop me off at the E.R. and take Hailey off my hands for a while. While the neighbor girl stayed here while Aubrie slept. My neighbor and friend Jill, took Aubs as soon as she woke up and had her the rest of the day. The next day Hayden brought us over tons of food! My MIL took the girls over night, even though they are such brats! Jill was here by 8:30 every morning to make sure I wouldn't have to attempt getting Aubrie out of her crib or the girls breakfast. She has had my girls more hours then I care to count. And I'll be surprised if we haven't eaten her out of house and home yet with how much food she sends this way or gives my girls. My other neighbor Heather made me a nice sandwich one day because I couldn't get the stuff out of the fridge, then she brought me over her wonderful ice machine. She also took Hailey for a while. My OTHER neighbor and relief society president brought me dinner. And my OTHER neighbor took Aubs for a while. Wow, I have some good neighbors! Even ANOTHER neighbor is coming to get both the girls to play today for a while.
And of course Michael has been a big help. I feel so helpless while I watch him clean, do dishes, get up in the night for the girls, get them fed, bathed, put to bed and everything else. Hopefully in a few days I'll at least be able to put some pressure on this foot and get rid of the crutches at some parts of the day.
My mom is coming tomorrow to help out, which will be a HUGE relief. Plus it'll give my neighbors a break.
The biggest bummer about this... I missed out on trying out for Wheel of Fortune. The wheelmobile came to Boise Saturday an Sunday, and I was SO excited to be able to go and try out. But I just was not up to it. I couldn't imagine trying to stay on my crutches for who knows how long. Hopefully someday I'll get my chance!
Well I've babbled on for long enough. I'm gonna do the one thing I can do, fold laundry.
Yes I know, I am a dork with brittle bones.