Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When can I relax!?

I have been so busy this past week that I am getting VERY worn out!
I had to finish a photobook for a friend in like 4 days. It was 35 pages. Crazy!! At least it's now done and off my list.
We leave town Thursday afternoon, and I still have 1000 things to do.
Here is just some of what needs done-
Ultrasound for placenta check (I have a low lie)- today
Chiropractor- today
Bank- today
Get stamps, finish sending out x-mas cards- today
2 loads of laundry and pack- today
Clean out car- today
Clean the house- today/tomorrow
Get together a gift basket for a mom in our ward- today
Take my MIL and Aubrie to the airport- tomorrow
Hailey's christmas party- tomorrow
Dr. Apt- tomorrow
Pack Car- tomorrow
Be out of house by 12:30/pick up M from work- tomorrow
Drive to Vegas- tomorrow.

Ugh, Maybe when we finally get to Arizona sometime next week, I'll be able to relax. If I were any closer to my due date, I think this week would put me into labor. 47 more days!

Monday, December 15, 2008

God Made them Sisters....

Life made them Best Friends...

While we were putting the girls down for bed tonight they were both having their own separate issues. Aubrie just wanted to be cranky and be rocked. And Hailey wanted to sleep on the ground. Michael told her that he wouldn't let her sleep on the ground, and she said, but Aubrie is!! So in an attempt to show her that Aubs was NOT sleeping on the ground, he took her to her room. When they walked in Aubrie popped her head up and said, Hi! Michael turned to walk out with Hailey and Aubs starts crying, "Haaaaaysss!". So Hailey looks at Michael and says, I wanna sleep with Aubrie.
Me... I would have laughed at her, and carried her back to bed. But I was in my room working on my computer, so Michael tells her, Sure, hop in her crib.

He then comes into our room laughing. Tells me, the girls are both happy, I have it taken care of. But he is still laughing, so I know something is up. I go to peek in on them, and sure enough they are both in the crib, talking and laughing with each other. So I decide I will give them a few minutes, either they will get sick of each other or they'll fall asleep. 20 minutes later, they are still talking. I go in and find Aubrie's pacifier in Hailey's mouth (probably why she wanted to sleep with her). So I give it to Aubrie and tell Hailey if she keeps talking she has to go back to her room. I leave again.


Or so I think...

Nope, they just got smart and started whispering.

So I come out and tell Michael that since he allowed this he has to be the bad guy and go break them up. I go get in the tub.

So he goes back in.

M: Hailey, you need to get out and go back in your room because you are not closing your eyes and sleeping.

H: Noooo... Aubrie keeps talking and touching me.

M: That's because you're in her tiny crib. Aubrie, do you want Hailey to go to her own room?

A: No, night! (covers her eyes with her hands)

M: If you girls don't stop talking and sleep, Hailey has to go to her room.

5 minutes later I get out of the tub...

Silence. For real this time.

We'll see how the whole night goes, and if they wake up at their usual time. This will be interesting. I think we're gonna move Aubries crib into Hailey's room when we get back into town. We're going to have to do it eventually anyway, so why not when they are excited about it?

My question... what on earth do a 3 year old and a 21 month old talk about for an hour? Do they understand each other?? Silly girls!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I decided to create digital scrapbook kits and give them away to YOU for free. So head on over and check out my new blog. My first kit should be up within the next day!! Let me know what you think! Thanks!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny Toes

If you take a look at the bottom of Aubrie's feet, it looks like she only has 4 toes... Seriously. And this is why-
Look closely and you'll see that her second toe sits on top of her first and third toe. I used to think it was because her toes were too fat to fit all of them in a row, now I just think it's funky genetics. I guess we'll see over the next few years where they line up!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A nice welcome home...

Sick children.

The second Michael picked me up from the airport, I could hear my children's snotty noses just by the way they talked. Oh well, little colds, no big deal.
2 hours later, I already had their "little cold".
1 day later, Hailey feels perfectly fine, her nose gets a little runny when she whines, but nothing more.
Me, still have a stinkin cold.
Aubrie, she now has croup. That's nice huh? I took her to her pediatrician this morning, they gave her an oral steroid and just said to keep an eye on her and push fluids. And reassured me that its contagious only as a common cold, which pretty much everyone has right now anyway, and if they don't they are bound to pick it up soon. Thankfully, she hasn't been acting worse then usual. A little more clingy, but I'm used to that, she's my sit on my lap child as it is, so nothing different. And she is sleeping fine, so that's great. Although, now that I write that, she'll probably be up all night.
All sickness aside, my trip was great. I flew down on Sunday morning for my Grandpa's 80th birthday party. We surprised them by showing up at church, and they were so excited. Then I drove out to the desert and stayed with Holly for 2 nights, and Amy for 1. It was so much fun to get a break and see my best friends. We decided to do a girls night, sans kiddos. We started it out at In n' Out (yum), then went bowling. The last time I went bowling was the night before Amy got married, 2 1/2 years ago. We concluded the night by getting ice cream. It was a fun, calorie filled, night! Holly has some pictures on her blog, so if you feel so inclined to check them out, here ya go.
Anyway, it is nice to be home. And to actually have some fall weather (the desert is still stinkin HOT). I just wish everyone were healthy!! All in good time I suppose.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We have a new family member...

Yes, I am now a minivan driving typical mom. Weird. But I am so excited. It's a 2008 Silver Kia Sedona with 12 miles on it. The girls aren't too sure about it, they think that the guy that came and dropped it off is gonna come back and pick it up. It'll help when we get their carseats in it, but Michael so kindly took them to work with him this morning.
This is the first time in 2 years we have been a 2 car family... it's going to be different. Although, Michael says, what's the point of having two cars, now that we have 2 car payments, you wont have money to go anywhere in your second car. Lol, this is true. But a drive 1.5 miles down the street to a friends for a playdate costs next to nothing, but offers me an ounce of sanity... Well worth it.

Monday, November 3, 2008


And everyone but me is asleep. Michael fell asleep on the ground watching TV. Aubrie finally gave in after 30 minutes of whining, and Hailey is asleep after reading the same book 5 times. And now I have nothing to do... BORING.
I guess I could fold some laundry, or go clean the playroom... But I'd rather not. So I suppose I will just dink around on the internet until I can fall asleep, in 2 hours. Any suggestions on fun, mindless, entertaining websites?

Same Blog as everyone else this week...

Trick or Treat!

So Halloween was a busy but fun day! The girls so excited to dress up that they were in their costumes by 10:30 am. Aunt Hayden came and picked us up so the girls could go to her parents Adult Daycare that they own and do some activities with the elderly. Michael then picked us up from there, and took me to the hospital so I could see my friend Kendra and her new baby. Then we came home for a 45 minutes and Aubrie and Michael took a quick nap before we headed up to church for trunk or treat. After that we headed back to our neighborhood and took the girls trick or treating for a while. Hailey loved it! Aubrie just wanted to eat each piece of candy that was handed to her, right then and there. So most the time she walked around with a sucker in her mouth. We didn't get any really good pictures, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure...
Aubrie in her very fitting costume...

Hailey as Ariel... She really wanted red hair, but she didn't mention that until Halloween day, and we couldn't find any red spray, just orange. And she fell walking to school the day before, so that's why the beautiful beauty marks!
The girls at Trunk or Treat with their good friend KatelynTrick or Treating

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yay! A mini-vaca!

I get to go to California for a few days next month! I am totally excited and can't wait! Best part, NO KIDDOS! Woohoo! Michael gets to have them Sun-Wed all to himself. Oh the joys.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Pictures

Yeah, definitely not wonderful. Lol. Aubrie smiled in ZERO. I didn't realize that pregnancy was affecting the fatness of my face already. But it was quite the wake up call. I guess those 8 cookies I ate today will just blend in my already overly round face.
On a better note, we did get one decent one. And a few great ones of Hailey. Enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sponge Curlers

I was talking to my friend Kendra about cutting Hailey's hair because it is out of control. She suggested trying sponge curlers for our family pictures, and she happened to have some. So I gave it a shot. I really didn't think she'd sleep in them though. When I first showed them to her, she was totally excited. But I figured by the time she had to lay down in them, she'd want them out. But I was wrong. She didn't complain once. She thought she was just Ms. Thang. Her hair turned out really cute! When I took the curlers out around 10, it was really curly, but I knew by the time pictures rolled around it would lose enough oomph and look good. And it did!
Anyway, here are pictures of her sporting her cute new hair!
And of course Aubrie wanted in on the fun so the next morning I put them in her hair. They lasted all of 2 minutes before she yanked them out.

By the way, Aubrie has no ear infection, it was confirmed today that she is just a brat. Oh well, now I wont feel like an awful mom listening to her scream. She was better today though.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I need a break

from being a mom.

This week has been quite a trying one. Aubrie has been on this be a complete brat kick. No joke. She is generally a very happy girl and quite compliant. She sleeps great, wakes up cheerful, eats breakfast happy, watches a few shows, plays, takes a nap with no complaints and basically throws maybe 1 fit a day. Night time rolls around, she gives us all kisses, sings a song and goes down without a fuss.

Well this week, that is definitely not the case. While she has been sleeping ok, she has NOT been happy at any other point in the day. Everything turns into a full blown, throw herself on the ground, kick and screaming fit.

Example 1: Mom leaving to the gas station
The gas station is 2 minutes away. She knew where I was going, and knew I'd be right back. Dad put a show on for her and I tried to slip out the door. She cried the entire 15 minutes I was gone. It took her another 15 minutes after I got home to calm down.

Example 2: Target
I had a few returns to make the other day. Quick easy trip. I wasn't even planning on walking around at all. So I didn't put the girls in a cart, it was just customer service, and I thought it would be quick and painless. Wrong. The girl wanted me to go get another one of the curling iron that I was returning. Fine, whatever. So I get a cart and try to put the girls in it. Hailey went in the back fine, Aubrie... oh dear. You'd think I was trying to amputate her leg. She screamed the whole way to the cosmetics and back. I ended up having to hold her so she didn't throw herself out of the cart. Imagine that, 6 months pregnant, pushing a cart, holding a screaming 19 month old while she's flailing all around. People probably thought I was a HORRIBLE mother. I couldn't care less.

Example 3: The carseat
Now, she's never LOVED riding in the car, but shes also never thrown a fit getting into the car. On 4 different occasions this week (every time I put her in the car this week) she threw a HUGE tantrum. Arching her back so that you can't get her straps on. I basically had to sit on her to strap her in. And then she proceeds to slide the clip part down (screaming all the while) and try and get her arms out. So I raise it back up and tighten it even more, which of course doesn't help the screaming and kicking.

Example 4: Dinnertime
If you know my girls at all, you know that they LOVE to eat. Well Aubrie has basically taken an eating hiatus. I put her in her high chair for dinner, she eats 2 bites and wants down. But that's not it, she then wants up on my lap and to eat my food. If I try and give her a bite of the SAME EXACT food off of her plate, she'll throw the fork. But will eat mine if offered to her. At lunch, she'll throw her plate on the ground and not eat anything. Whatever kid, starve.

Example 5: Pictures
Today we tried to go take family pictures at the park. Michael's friend from work is trying to start up a photography business (who isn't?) so offered to do ours. Sure, I'm huge and pregnant, but oh well, we haven't taken family pictures since Aubs was born. We were supposed to meet her at 1:30 at the park. Well we decided our best chances at having a happy Aubrie was to skip church and put her down for an early nap. Because going straight from church to pictures would be self destruction. Well, we sinned for no reason, she was less then cooperative anyway. Would NOT smile, didn't want Michael to touch her, hold her, or even look at her. I think we took like 15 pictures total. It was pretty much pointless.

Example 6: Bedtime
Aubrie LOVES to sleep (I wonder where she got that). Since she was 3 months old, we've laid her in bed, and walked away. The most she has ever fussed would be like 2 minutes. And that was out of the norm. Well lately it's a good 30 minutes. And it's not that she isn't tired, because believe me, she is. Tonight Michael said, "You know how I can tell she's really mad in there? Because she's calling for me". But of course the second he goes in there to give her some water or something she says, "I want Mommy!". No thanks. So I sit here and listen to her whining, "waaaaaannnt doooooooowwwwwwwwwnnnnnn". But I've learned if I get her up now, and try to put her down in 15 minutes, I've just delayed the 30 minute scream session.

So, as I stated, I need a break.
Michael has worked 20 hours of overtime for the past two weeks. And he's scheduled another 20 this week too. He's come home and fallen asleep by 7 at least a quarter of those days. I can't complain, he's working his tail off. I really should call a babysitter and go out for a few hours on my own, but there are 2 problems with that, first, I have no money to pay a babysitter for those few hours (or go anywhere) and secondly, I wouldn't want to put ANYONE else through what I've been through the past week of Aubrie. UGH.

As for now, I'm gonna scrounge up some change, go to the gas station and get myself some cheesy nachos and drown my sorrows away.

It could be worse...

P.S. I have finally decided, that with no teeth showing, or swollen gums, I am just going to give in and take Aubrie to the dr. tomorrow. HOPEFULLY she has an ear infection that would explain the non-stop crankiness. I've been putting it off though because she has no fever, and just a runny nose, and who doesn't feel stupid when they take their baby in, thinking something is wrong, just for the Dr. to smile and say, it's just a little virus, it'll go away on its own. Well I'm now past feeling dumb for that, I need to know. I need ANY excuse for this behaviour. Even a little virus. Heaven help us...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 Weird Facts

So I've been tagged by a few people, and I don't remember who exactly. Holly and Nathaly for sure though. I've procrastinated for a while because I didn't know what to write, but I'll figure things out.

1. I have to sleep with the fan on. No matter if it's 30 degrees outside, I have to have the fan. I think its because I like to use my blankets but hate to be hot.

2. When driving with other people, I don't care to have music on. I hate turning it down to talk or see what the girls need, I'd rather it just be quiet. Most of the time if I'm alone, its not even turned on unless I'm either in a really grumpy mood and need the distraction, or in a really good mood and wanna sing.

3. When I'm pregnant, I want to eat laundry soap. Lol, no not really. I just LOVE the smell of it (mostly the powder) and would open the container every time I walk by and my mouth would water.

4. I always have to finish off whatever I eat with something sweet. I can eat a whole meal and be completely stuffed, but still crave something sugar.

5. When I wake up from anethesia, I wake up crying. Not because I hurt, or anything, I just do, everytime. Which has been 5 or 6 times.

6. I don't care for chocolate. Sure I'll crave a caramello every now and again, but I could definitely live without it.

7. I have a VERY weak bladder. Lol, I pee when I laugh, I pee when I sneeze, and I especially pee when I'm throwing up. Nothing holds it in, so during morning sickness times, whilst running to the bathroom, I grab a towel, strip my bottoms off, and throw the towel under me because it will come a-flowin!

I'm not tagging anyone because everyone has probably been tagged by now. So if you haven't been tagged and feel like doing it, go right ahead.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

24 weeks

I've had a few requests for a belly shot. While I still think its mostly just fat, I'll humor you all anyway.

And here is another one I tried to get of me and Aubrie, but Michael thought it would be funny to jump in the picture and distract Aubs.

Happy Birthday Hailey

So I figured I'd do a birthday post as a tribute to my new 3 year old! Here's just a little bit of information about my Hailey.

Hailey LOVES puzzles. Her cousins J.D. and Zephyr bought her a new puzzle today for her birthday, it's 48 pieces and she has already amost got it down. She definitely has her daddy's puzzle doing brain.
She is still ridiculously afraid of dogs.
Hailey's favorite drink is water. If you ask her juice, milk, or water 9 times out of 1o she'll pick water. Now if you throw soda in the mix, she'd probably pick that, but we'll just refrain from offering that.
She is wonderful at entertaining herself. If I need a nap all I have to do is go ask her to go play upstairs quietly for a little while and she gladly will.
She loves The Little Mermaid.
Her favorite song is Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam.
Hailey is a social butterfly. She can make friends ANYWHERE.
She loves nature. Always picking up leaves and flowers and anything else outside.
Her favorite cereal is Pops.
She is still scared of the vacuum too. She hates that Aubrie isn't scared of it and always tells her to sit on the couch with her while I vacuum, while Aubs would rather chase it around.
Hailey can be very sensitive. She really hates getting in trouble and she'll get a huge pouty lip and cry if you yell at her.
She is a total Mom. Always making sure Aubrie or any other baby around is happy.
She uses her hands to talk (much like her father).
And she scowls like her mother.
If she wakes up on her own in the morning, she is very pleasant. But if you wake her up, WATCH OUT!

Hailey has always been such a joy in our household! Sure she can be a brat, but she makes up for it in her happy moments. I can't believe she is 3 already!! Before we know it, she'll be in kindergarten. Here are a few pictures from tonights family party we had for her.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hailey's Party

Hailey wanted to have a little birthday party this year with her church/neighborhood friends. I decided that I would do it while Amy was out here visiting from California, to make it less stressful on me. So we had it on friday, just a week early. She knew that it was her party, but she also knows that she's still 2 for a few more days. If you ask her, she'll say, I 2, but I be 3 in just a couple days, October 17! Or if you ask her if she's almost 3, she'll say, uh huh! My birthday is almost up!!
Anyway, we had a little halloween party with 5 of her little girlfriends. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!!

The food: Spider web cupcakes, spider oreos
ghost sandwiches, ghost nutter butters,
and mummy mini hot dogs... YUM!

Her friends and their mommies hanging out!
Payton the bear, Hailey the mermaid, and Taylen the Cow
Hailey opening presents. She totally didn't understand the concept. She would open them, I'd say, Hailey that's from Ashlee and so she'd open it and then hand it back to whoever it was from. She thought it was FOR them, but she was just opening them.
Blowing out her candles
Aubrie thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake! "What do you mean I'm a mess Mom!?"All the girls jumping on the trampoline. I wasn't gonna open the door to outside because it was 40 degrees out there, but they all REALLY wanted to jump. We figured most of their costumes were warm enough
All the costumes were so cute! Payton and her little sister Hadlee were bears. Ashlee was a flower and her little sister Brooklyn was a chicken. Kaitlyn was a Boise State cheerleader. Taylin was a cow (her little sister was sleeping the whole time, no need for a costume). Adalyn had an adorable halloween outfit on . Hailey was ariel and Aubrie was a fairy. Between friends and siblings we had a total of 10 girls and 4 pregnant mommies! WOW!
Thanks to all the mommies, Kendra, Heidi, Tawsha, Carolyn, and Heather for bringing your kiddos and being great friends! Hailey had a blast and loved her presents!
Thanks Amy for being such a great help! Love you!

Friday, October 3, 2008

BSU Game

Michael and I got the opportunity to go see a Boise State Football game on Wednesday. His friend Denver had extra tickets and invited us. We really wanted to go this season, but most games were already sold out, or way too expensive. Anyway, it was a really fun game. We kicked booty, 38-3 Seats weren't bad. It was hot at first, like almost 90, but as soon as the sun tucked around the corner it was perfect weather. It's crazy how loud the stadium is, and how great the fans are! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. I tried to get one without my double chin, but I guess it's impossible, when you HAVE one. Michaels comment: "Nothing photoshop can't fix honey". Gee thanks.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Goods were Shown...

And Michael is now outnumbered 4 to 1...

Friday, September 19, 2008


Aubrie needs her 18 month pictures done, so I decided to play around and see if I could take them myself. She wasn't very cooperative so they didn't turn out wonderful. I'll probably take her to portrait innovations next week to get some better ones. Plus do her hair differently so she doesn't look bald, and find a cute black bow. Hailey decided that she wanted to take pictures too, and while she wouldn't stop moving, she was still more cooperative then Aubrie. Here are a few of them.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a....


So I went in, went to the back, got all ready and got up on the table. The tech asks me my due date, I tell her. When she puts it into her computer it popped up 17 weeks 5 days. So she refused to do it. No joke. Got all mad at me for coming in before I am 18 weeks. First of all, my dr. scheduled me, second of all, 2 days early?? Are you kidding. She was totally rude about it and told me she would be doing a disservice to everyone if she did it. Tried to give me a hard time by saying, so you mean, you want me to do this and miss something vital and then something is wrong with your baby and you don't know. Thanks for trying to make me feel guilty. No, I want you to look and find a gender and then do the full scan in a few weeks. She wouldn't.
So they rescheduled me in 2 weeks. Monday the 22nd.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cast your vote!

2 more days until we find out if we're having another girl, or a boy! I added a poll on the right for you guys to vote. So let me know what you think! The apt is at 2:30 on monday. I was reading the paper they gave me and it said to drink 16 oz before the apt. I swear when I had Hailey it was like 40 oz. Then with Aubs it was like 24. Maybe it's all bogus! Oh well, I'll comply.

Hailey has been determined since day 1 that it is a baby brother in my tummy. Yet this morning was one of the FEW times she told me girl. But by this afternoon I'm sure she'll say boy again.

Aubrie doesn't know or care.

Michael says he doesn't think either way, but he says girl all the time. And he's only thrown out girls names. I think he just wants all Daddy's Girls.

Me... ehh, at the beginning I really thought boy, but now I'm wavering. I *think* I want another girl. But then I see boy stuff and want change. So either way, I'll be more then happy.

So cross your finger that this child will not be modest like it's oldest sister. Hailey REFUSED to uncross her legs at her big ultrasound. We tried everything and were in the room for over an hour. I ate some candy that I had in my purse, went on a fast walk around the building, went to the bathroom, and jumped around. She didn't even budge. I went home in tears and Michael just didn't understand why I was so upset. Luckily at my next apt the dr. pulled out his machine and gave it another try and she was more cooperative that time. With Aubrie, 3 minutes after the lady turned on the machine I said, it's a girl huh? She laughed and said, you caught it already too? Michael on the other hand thought we were still looking at a blob.

Sooooo... Boy or Girl?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And we're back!

My charger cord for my laptop stopped working. The power supply was completely depleted. It wouldn't even get power from the wall. Lame! And it only took me two weeks to have Michael get on Dell Chat and ask for a new one. Lol. They overnighted it and now I have a computer again. I probably could have done it myself 2 weeks ago, but I was too lazy. Plus it was kind of nice to not have the computer so easily accessible. Our desktop is in our room and Aubrie had a major fit if I ever tried to sit down in there for longer then 2 minutes. But the house was kept relatively clean these two weeks. So that was a plus. I definitely will start limiting my laptop time now that I see a difference, as do my girls.

And now for a picture overload from our summer.
Having fun with cousins
Hailey at the waterpark, sliding head first

Aubrie playing at the water park

At the park

I'm mostly posting this one so you can see Aubrie's major under bite!
At the BBQ we organized for Denver
Hailey's first day of preschool!

Monday, July 28, 2008


It's funny to me to watch my children and see their different personalities come to life. I think it's neat that they are the way they are, some traits taught, others learned (whether we want them to be or not) and others just come naturally.

Hailey is a firecracker. Seriously, thats how you describe her. At one moment she's calm, slightly boring, but you know she has a lot of potential. Then you light her. She is FULL of life, colorful, exciting, bright, dangerous :), and beautiful... but watch out, she will inevitably blow up. She is a lot like her father in this way. Except, I think his cycles last longer then hers. She seriously loves life, but you have to engage her. Otherwise she's just as happy sitting on the couch watching Pocohantas. But if you give her something to do, and show her how to play with it, she'll do it for hours, like playdoh, or puzzles, or coloring. Hailey has zero patience (hmm wonder where she got that from). When her sister takes a toy from her, or anything else of the sort, she is quick to yell and hit to get her back. And she is not nice about it. We're working on it. But she is over the top loving. She gives hugs and kisses without warrant. She is also a born leader. She loves to be in charge, but doesn't necessarily have to be the center of attention. She loves to help, get diapers, clean up lunch, help Aubs take diapers to the trash, get her jammies on, anything... if she knows it'll make you happy, she does it. And this last personality trait, we know she just was blessed with, because she definitely didn't get it from either of us... she is a social butterfly. She can and will make friends where ever she goes. She asks daily to go to church so she can play with friends. If we take her to the park she'll have a swarm of kids following her by the time we leave. She also is VERY adaptable. She does good everywhere we go, no matter what. Change doesn't bother her one bit. Like I said, all in all, she is definitely a firecracker.

Aubrie is a lot different then her sister. And a lot more like me. I knew I'd be cursed with a me-like child one day. The best word to describe her is unpredictable (only because it's a nicer word then temperamental). She can be up up up one minute, happy as can be, to screaming her head off, to laughing uncontrollably, all in the matter of less then a minute. This is actually happening as we "type" shes throwing a fit because she wants to wear Hailey's shoes, climbs up on me to continue her fit, sees a piece of thread on my shirt, stops her fit to intently get it off, smiles when she does, climbs down because she forgot about her fit, runs off happily, only to find another reason unbeknown to me, to start crying again. I guess the good in this is that she gets over things very easily. She does NOT hold a grudge over anything. She is also very daring. Likes to climb on anything she can to get a reaction out of me, and then jump off of it. She LOVES to be the center of attention. She'll do anything to get us to watch her instead of Hailey, even if that means whacking her upside the head. She is also very independent. Wants to do things herself. Brush her teeth herself, get dressed, eat herself, sleep by herself, no help, ever. She is also a cuddlebug though. She'll just randomly come up to you, and lay her head down on you. Or plop herself on the couch next to you and just cuddle. Aubrie is also a routine girl. She does no do well with any sort of change. She likes the familiarity of everyday life. Everyday with my baby is bound to be an adventure with her ever changing moods :).

Sorry if I totally bored everyone to tears, but I think it'll be nice to have things like this written down, so they can read it in the future and so I can see the ways they change over the years. I think it'll be interesting and fun at the same time (and possibly challenging) to see a third personality be born... what will this baby be like?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What time is bedtime?

The true life story of putting Hailey down to bed Thursday night after she took a nap that afternoon…

9:15- Me: Alright Hailey, it’s time to get in bed!

Hailey: 2 minutes Mom!

9:30 (a very long 2 minutes)-

Me: Let’s get in bed now Hailey.

H: I wanna read my Barbie books first! Leave the light on please.

I decide that its fine since I knew she took a nap today so was gonna have a hard time going to sleep. I let her have her 3 Barbie books and I leave the lights on.

9:45- after picking up the kitchen and front room, I am about ready for bed.

Me: Lights off Hailey

H: Noooooooo! Sing songs mom!

Me: Sing them to yourself for now, I’m gonna get in the shower. If you’re still up when I get out,

I’ll sing to you.

H: Ok, Mom.

10:15- I took a LONG shower hoping she’d be asleep when I got out. No such luck. I go towards her room to see if she’s out, and I can hear her singing. So I decide to do a few other things before I lay down. She hears me

H: Mooooom, all done showerin? Sing songs!

Me: Ok, 1 song. What song do you want to sing.

H: Church songs

Me: Which one?

H: Water one

Me: I don’t know that one, sing it to me.

H: Waaatteerr Chuuuurrrch sooooonnng (in a sing songy voice)

Me: Pick something else, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

H: Temple song

So we sing I love to see the Temple, she knows all the words and sings right along. Of course I give in when she asks and sing a few more songs. I tell her she needs to go to sleep now. I turn off all the house lights and get in bed. It’s now rounding 11.

11:10- I hear footsteps…

Me: Hailey, get in bed.

H: I’m thirsty Mom, just a wittle dwink of water please!! (she knows that I always have water on my nightstand) Back in bed she goes.

11:30- I am finally almost asleep, footsteps again, this time I hear her dragging her blanket and pillow.

H: Mom, choo choo scare me. I sleep on Mommy’s ground.

M: Fine, lay down, I don’t want to hear you.

11:40- Tapping on my blanket

H: Just a wittle dwink Mom?


H: I gotta go pee (runs off to the bathroom)

From then till about midnight she is laying there talking to herself, humming, and tossing and turning. Finally around 12:05, all is calm. RELIEF! Only 3 hours later.

Moral of the story, No more naps for Hailey.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I’ve finally come back to the living… for the most part.

We have had QUITE the summer, let me tell you! I’ll just summarize…

June 2nd-went to Arizona for my brothers wedding
June 5th- found out I was knocked up, whoops!
June 18th- Broke my foot, cracked my tail bone
End of June- started the unfortunate morning-afternoon-night sickness
July 6th- drove to Utah for Gleason Family reunion.
July 6th- Aubrie fell off a picnic table chipped her front right tooth, cracked her front left in half
July 7th- Took Aubs to a dentist in the middle of no where Utah to get it checked out and make sure nothing needed done ASAP
July 8th- Drove to Pleasant Grove Utah and hung out with old roommate and good friend Dana. Got to meet her DARLING little boy Julien.
July 9th- Michael finds out one of his best friends has cancer, awaiting results.
July 10th- Michael had surgery on his knee to take out his hardware since it was bothering him
Proceeding days- Michael and I fighting over crutches, me still sick as a dog, finally coming to terms with the fact that I was stupid and got pregnant.
July 15th- Had and U/S to make sure everything is good, and that there was only one (thank goodness)!!
July 16th- Took Aubrie to the dentist out here. He wont do anything because it would involve putting her in the hospital and putting her under… so she’ll have nice pretty teeth until she looses them around 7-8.
July 17th- Michael returns to work, some semblance of normal life returns.
July 22nd- I got FAT. This baby has decided that I can no longer feel decent about my body and it is already making its way into clear view… sad day.
July 24th- I think I’m getting over the tail end of this bloody pukey feeling, FINALLY.
July 24th- Michael’s friend finds out the cancer has spread and will start undergoing full chemo and radiation. He’s 28… and just pulled up in my driveway so I should probably stop writing about him

Welcome to the summer from Hades.
Pictures to follow.

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's been a while...

Since I've sat down to post anything. It has not been a while though since I sat down, because that is ALL I have done the past 5 days. Sit on my rear end, sleep, or lay on the couch. My house is a mess, my children are cranky, and my butt is SORE from sitting. It's nice to be lazy every once in a while. but this is extreme.
So, why am I being so lazy? I have no choice. I broke my foot. I was simply walking out of my neighbors house, carrying Aubrie, and shutting the door behind me. Well I guess that was too much for me to handle. I tripped and must have landed wrong. I cracked the bone above my pinky toe, in two places. Nice huh!
So here I sit. I have to say, I am very lucky to have great family and friends. Hayden rushed to my house on Thursday to drop me off at the E.R. and take Hailey off my hands for a while. While the neighbor girl stayed here while Aubrie slept. My neighbor and friend Jill, took Aubs as soon as she woke up and had her the rest of the day. The next day Hayden brought us over tons of food! My MIL took the girls over night, even though they are such brats! Jill was here by 8:30 every morning to make sure I wouldn't have to attempt getting Aubrie out of her crib or the girls breakfast. She has had my girls more hours then I care to count. And I'll be surprised if we haven't eaten her out of house and home yet with how much food she sends this way or gives my girls. My other neighbor Heather made me a nice sandwich one day because I couldn't get the stuff out of the fridge, then she brought me over her wonderful ice machine. She also took Hailey for a while. My OTHER neighbor and relief society president brought me dinner. And my OTHER neighbor took Aubs for a while. Wow, I have some good neighbors! Even ANOTHER neighbor is coming to get both the girls to play today for a while.
And of course Michael has been a big help. I feel so helpless while I watch him clean, do dishes, get up in the night for the girls, get them fed, bathed, put to bed and everything else. Hopefully in a few days I'll at least be able to put some pressure on this foot and get rid of the crutches at some parts of the day.
My mom is coming tomorrow to help out, which will be a HUGE relief. Plus it'll give my neighbors a break.
The biggest bummer about this... I missed out on trying out for Wheel of Fortune. The wheelmobile came to Boise Saturday an Sunday, and I was SO excited to be able to go and try out. But I just was not up to it. I couldn't imagine trying to stay on my crutches for who knows how long. Hopefully someday I'll get my chance!
Well I've babbled on for long enough. I'm gonna do the one thing I can do, fold laundry.
Yes I know, I am a dork with brittle bones.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coming Soon

Per the request of many, I have decided to start my own Bargain Blog. I know there are many other ones out there, but I think it would be fun to do my own. To make it as diverse as possible, Holly, will be my Co-Blogger. We plan to include deals from many different stores, CVS, Walgreens, Safeway/Vons, Target, Albertsons, Wal-Mart and anything else that comes our way…

So be on the lookout



Pizza Saturday

The girls and I are home alone on a Saturday night, what fun! Michael went off with some friends to the horse races for a G rated bachelor party. Hmm, at least thats where he says he is...
So, I ordered pizza! We haven't had pizza delivered to our house in who knows how long, maybe since we moved to Idaho. But I feel lazy and tired and my knee is beyond swollen, so lazy pizza Saturday it is! Not to mention I had a coupon from Dominos wishing me "best success in my new home" for a free medium pizza.
What should I do with my 30 minutes?

Yay for Baby Blake!!

My sister Kristy had her baby tonight at 9:30ish. Blake Kyle arrived after 8 hours of labor (2 epidurals and 4 IVs)(lucky Kristy) weighing 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. Congrats Kristy and Brian! I can't wait to see him! 4 more days! woohoo! Love you guys!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So. Cal Bargaineers

Need some laundry detergent? I do not, but for your sake, I'll help ya out. Right now the All Small and Mighty is on sale for 2.99 at Ralphs. There is an internet printable that I linked on this blog for 1 dollar off. Well lucky for you, Ralphs doubles coupons, so 1 dollar becomes 2 and your All Small and Mighty becomes 99 cents. You really can't beat that.
So go stock up on laundry detergent. You can also do this deal with the fabric softener, the coupon for that was in the sunday paper, 2 weeks ago. I have a TON left. So if you let me know today that you want some of those coupons, I will gladly drop them in the mail, they should get there by tuesday.

Friday, May 23, 2008


CA has a stupid law (ok, maybe it's not that stupid) where you have to pay a deposit on any recyclable items. So if you do the vons deal, it will cost around 10 dollars. BUT if you take your cans to a recycling place after you drink them they will refund your deposit. So, I just wanted to let anyone that wants to do this deal in CA they will end up paying a little more, but you will get it back if you actually put the cans and bottles in your car, drive to a recycle place, and hand them over, lame... I guess putting them in the blue bin on your drive way for the recycle man to pick up isn't good enough anymore!

Thanks for the heads up Holly!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blog Posting Crazy!

This is like my 4th post this week... impressive for me. I guess I just have a lot to vent about this week, lol.

First, my mom did the deal at her safeway in AZ. and it worked! And it is linked to your card, so if you try to do it again, you wont get the water for free. but you'll still get all the soda.

Second, Aubrie had a nice surprise waiting for me when she woke up from her nap today. She was wearing a dress today, which allowed for easy access to her diaper. So she decided that she would go to the bathroom, then proceed to take her diaper off and smear the evidence. Sick, I know. So I spent my afternoon cleaning up her room, bumper, sheets, blankets, clothes, hands, feet, sippy, pacis... They need to make diaper locks. No more dresses for nap time.

Thirdly, I walked into Hailey's room to check on her tonight because Michael just kind of threw her in bed, clothes and all because she was being such a brat. Well I take a peek at her and she has a pacifier in her mouth! I told Michael to come look (she's been off of them for MONTHS), and he just kind of got this sly, guilty look on his face. HE GAVE IT TO HER! He said that she was being so obnoxious throwing a fit so he put her in bed, threw it at her and told her to be quiet! Lets just hope she doesn't think she gets it all the time now.

So I had a soccer game tonight. We lost 8-3. Pathetic. I don't know why 45 year old women insist on playing in an intermediate league when they can't even kick a soccer ball. Ugh. don't get me wrong, I don't mind playing with older women, but if you're playing in our league, be sure you know how to play! I'm thinking of starting my own team. Pyper, hurry and get that baby out so we can branch off!

I really should go to bed. It's 11:30 and I was contemplating taking Michael to work tomorrow. A friend of mine invited me over for a playdate at 10am. I really wanted to go so I said yes. I feel like if I say no, which would have been so much easier, given the day and time, then she'll just think I'm not interested in the future, therefore not invite me. And I need to make friends! So I figured I'd just take Michael to work, but I really am dreading not only my waking up, but waking the girls up at 4:45 to bring him. So I figured I would ride my bike and bring the girls in the trailer, but the weather is supposed to get to like 50 at that time, AND RAINING. Ugh, I really don't know what to do.

So the other day I rented Hailey a Dora movie at the redbox. Well I can't find it anywhere. It's not in the car, I didn't ever even bring it in the house. I have torn my house and car apart looking for it. It's missing. So now I'm thinking I'm gonna have to pay 28 dollars for a stinkin movie she never even got to see. BUT... normally when you rent at the redbox it shows pending in your bank account until it is returned, allowing them to charge you for the correct number of days. Well it showed pending day 1 (which was free because I used a code). Then the next day, it cleared my bank for 1.06... Hmm... do you think that maybe someone found it and returned it for me??? I can only hope! If you saw a redbox movie on the ground somewhere, like it had obviously fallen out of a car or something, wouldn't you pick it up and return it? I'd like to think so. I guess we'll see in another few weeks if I suddenly have a redbox charge for 28 dollars.

Well its late and I still wanna read a little bit... Goodnight friends and blog stalkers.

Those of you with Safeways (also Vons)

Safeway is having a pretty good deal right now on soda/water. If you have a safeway, please go do this deal for me :), we don't have one out here for me to take advantage of, so go get cheap soda!

Here is the breakdown...

Walk into Safeway
Go to the card section
Pick out 6 hallmark cards (get the 99cents ones)
Walk to the Soda section Get 4 12 packs of Soda (of the ones pictured below)
Then grab a 24 pack of .5 liter water (dasani or auqafina)
Go to checkout. Give the cashier your safeway/vons card (or phone number)
Make sure she rings the cards up first (it may work if she doesn't- but who wants to take the chance)
In the end it should take off everything BUT the cards.
So 5.94 for 6 hallmark cards, 4 12 pack sodas, and 1 24 pack of water


Right now there is a promo, buy any 3 hallmark cards, get a 12 pack of soda free. So when you buy 6, you get two free. Then there is this promo:

I believe the deal is linked to your card so don't try it twice with the same card, it probably wont work.

This sale goes through the 27th.


It's after midnight...

And I am still wide awake.

Why? You may wonder... Because every 15 minutes Aubrie wakes up (that is if she was ever asleep) and starts crying. She doesn't want to be rocked, if I take her out she just wants to play. If she does this a few more times, in go the ear plugs.
And please, don't feel bad for my husband that wakes up for work at 4:20... because he sleeps through EVERYTHING! Trying to wake him up for any reason is near impossible. Like last night, I needed to know what time to set the alarm for him to wake up... He kept muttering something about chow and west wing movement. Then he told me to set his alarm for 1:30 am... uhhh no. I finally got irritated after the 10th time of asking that I pried his eyelids open and said, JUST WAKE UP FOR 1 MINUTE AND TELL ME WHAT TIME YOU NEED THE ALARM SET FOR! It worked, he muttered 4:23. In the morning, he had no recollection of the aforementioned conversation at all.
She's quiet right now. I give it 4 more minutes and she'll be whining again. Isn't being a mom just great sometimes. Just for a few days (or maybe just 9 hours at night) I would love to be the dad.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Great Outdoors

So we decided Sunday afternoon to take a spur of the moment camping trip. We loaded the girls up in the car and took off. Spontaneity is truly the spice of life. The girls had an absolute blast. Aubrie was happier then she EVER is. She just wanted to walk all around the WHOLE time. And Hailey was having so much fun just hanging out. We went on a few hikes, made a campfire, had smores, and just enjoyed our time as a family. Enjoy the picture upload. And sorry for my messy children, we WERE camping. Michael kept making fun of me for trying to clean their faces or whatever every time I wanted to take a picture.
We went on a hike and started to walk back to camp because it was getting late. The girls and I were ahead of Michael quite a bit and he called us back to show us something (I really don't even remember what) well right as we got back to him here come these two deer about 40 feet away from us. It was really neat to see, and we were really glad we turned back around, for whatever it was.