Monday, July 28, 2008


It's funny to me to watch my children and see their different personalities come to life. I think it's neat that they are the way they are, some traits taught, others learned (whether we want them to be or not) and others just come naturally.

Hailey is a firecracker. Seriously, thats how you describe her. At one moment she's calm, slightly boring, but you know she has a lot of potential. Then you light her. She is FULL of life, colorful, exciting, bright, dangerous :), and beautiful... but watch out, she will inevitably blow up. She is a lot like her father in this way. Except, I think his cycles last longer then hers. She seriously loves life, but you have to engage her. Otherwise she's just as happy sitting on the couch watching Pocohantas. But if you give her something to do, and show her how to play with it, she'll do it for hours, like playdoh, or puzzles, or coloring. Hailey has zero patience (hmm wonder where she got that from). When her sister takes a toy from her, or anything else of the sort, she is quick to yell and hit to get her back. And she is not nice about it. We're working on it. But she is over the top loving. She gives hugs and kisses without warrant. She is also a born leader. She loves to be in charge, but doesn't necessarily have to be the center of attention. She loves to help, get diapers, clean up lunch, help Aubs take diapers to the trash, get her jammies on, anything... if she knows it'll make you happy, she does it. And this last personality trait, we know she just was blessed with, because she definitely didn't get it from either of us... she is a social butterfly. She can and will make friends where ever she goes. She asks daily to go to church so she can play with friends. If we take her to the park she'll have a swarm of kids following her by the time we leave. She also is VERY adaptable. She does good everywhere we go, no matter what. Change doesn't bother her one bit. Like I said, all in all, she is definitely a firecracker.

Aubrie is a lot different then her sister. And a lot more like me. I knew I'd be cursed with a me-like child one day. The best word to describe her is unpredictable (only because it's a nicer word then temperamental). She can be up up up one minute, happy as can be, to screaming her head off, to laughing uncontrollably, all in the matter of less then a minute. This is actually happening as we "type" shes throwing a fit because she wants to wear Hailey's shoes, climbs up on me to continue her fit, sees a piece of thread on my shirt, stops her fit to intently get it off, smiles when she does, climbs down because she forgot about her fit, runs off happily, only to find another reason unbeknown to me, to start crying again. I guess the good in this is that she gets over things very easily. She does NOT hold a grudge over anything. She is also very daring. Likes to climb on anything she can to get a reaction out of me, and then jump off of it. She LOVES to be the center of attention. She'll do anything to get us to watch her instead of Hailey, even if that means whacking her upside the head. She is also very independent. Wants to do things herself. Brush her teeth herself, get dressed, eat herself, sleep by herself, no help, ever. She is also a cuddlebug though. She'll just randomly come up to you, and lay her head down on you. Or plop herself on the couch next to you and just cuddle. Aubrie is also a routine girl. She does no do well with any sort of change. She likes the familiarity of everyday life. Everyday with my baby is bound to be an adventure with her ever changing moods :).

Sorry if I totally bored everyone to tears, but I think it'll be nice to have things like this written down, so they can read it in the future and so I can see the ways they change over the years. I think it'll be interesting and fun at the same time (and possibly challenging) to see a third personality be born... what will this baby be like?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What time is bedtime?

The true life story of putting Hailey down to bed Thursday night after she took a nap that afternoon…

9:15- Me: Alright Hailey, it’s time to get in bed!

Hailey: 2 minutes Mom!

9:30 (a very long 2 minutes)-

Me: Let’s get in bed now Hailey.

H: I wanna read my Barbie books first! Leave the light on please.

I decide that its fine since I knew she took a nap today so was gonna have a hard time going to sleep. I let her have her 3 Barbie books and I leave the lights on.

9:45- after picking up the kitchen and front room, I am about ready for bed.

Me: Lights off Hailey

H: Noooooooo! Sing songs mom!

Me: Sing them to yourself for now, I’m gonna get in the shower. If you’re still up when I get out,

I’ll sing to you.

H: Ok, Mom.

10:15- I took a LONG shower hoping she’d be asleep when I got out. No such luck. I go towards her room to see if she’s out, and I can hear her singing. So I decide to do a few other things before I lay down. She hears me

H: Mooooom, all done showerin? Sing songs!

Me: Ok, 1 song. What song do you want to sing.

H: Church songs

Me: Which one?

H: Water one

Me: I don’t know that one, sing it to me.

H: Waaatteerr Chuuuurrrch sooooonnng (in a sing songy voice)

Me: Pick something else, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

H: Temple song

So we sing I love to see the Temple, she knows all the words and sings right along. Of course I give in when she asks and sing a few more songs. I tell her she needs to go to sleep now. I turn off all the house lights and get in bed. It’s now rounding 11.

11:10- I hear footsteps…

Me: Hailey, get in bed.

H: I’m thirsty Mom, just a wittle dwink of water please!! (she knows that I always have water on my nightstand) Back in bed she goes.

11:30- I am finally almost asleep, footsteps again, this time I hear her dragging her blanket and pillow.

H: Mom, choo choo scare me. I sleep on Mommy’s ground.

M: Fine, lay down, I don’t want to hear you.

11:40- Tapping on my blanket

H: Just a wittle dwink Mom?


H: I gotta go pee (runs off to the bathroom)

From then till about midnight she is laying there talking to herself, humming, and tossing and turning. Finally around 12:05, all is calm. RELIEF! Only 3 hours later.

Moral of the story, No more naps for Hailey.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I’ve finally come back to the living… for the most part.

We have had QUITE the summer, let me tell you! I’ll just summarize…

June 2nd-went to Arizona for my brothers wedding
June 5th- found out I was knocked up, whoops!
June 18th- Broke my foot, cracked my tail bone
End of June- started the unfortunate morning-afternoon-night sickness
July 6th- drove to Utah for Gleason Family reunion.
July 6th- Aubrie fell off a picnic table chipped her front right tooth, cracked her front left in half
July 7th- Took Aubs to a dentist in the middle of no where Utah to get it checked out and make sure nothing needed done ASAP
July 8th- Drove to Pleasant Grove Utah and hung out with old roommate and good friend Dana. Got to meet her DARLING little boy Julien.
July 9th- Michael finds out one of his best friends has cancer, awaiting results.
July 10th- Michael had surgery on his knee to take out his hardware since it was bothering him
Proceeding days- Michael and I fighting over crutches, me still sick as a dog, finally coming to terms with the fact that I was stupid and got pregnant.
July 15th- Had and U/S to make sure everything is good, and that there was only one (thank goodness)!!
July 16th- Took Aubrie to the dentist out here. He wont do anything because it would involve putting her in the hospital and putting her under… so she’ll have nice pretty teeth until she looses them around 7-8.
July 17th- Michael returns to work, some semblance of normal life returns.
July 22nd- I got FAT. This baby has decided that I can no longer feel decent about my body and it is already making its way into clear view… sad day.
July 24th- I think I’m getting over the tail end of this bloody pukey feeling, FINALLY.
July 24th- Michael’s friend finds out the cancer has spread and will start undergoing full chemo and radiation. He’s 28… and just pulled up in my driveway so I should probably stop writing about him

Welcome to the summer from Hades.
Pictures to follow.