Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coming Soon

Per the request of many, I have decided to start my own Bargain Blog. I know there are many other ones out there, but I think it would be fun to do my own. To make it as diverse as possible, Holly, will be my Co-Blogger. We plan to include deals from many different stores, CVS, Walgreens, Safeway/Vons, Target, Albertsons, Wal-Mart and anything else that comes our way…

So be on the lookout



Pizza Saturday

The girls and I are home alone on a Saturday night, what fun! Michael went off with some friends to the horse races for a G rated bachelor party. Hmm, at least thats where he says he is...
So, I ordered pizza! We haven't had pizza delivered to our house in who knows how long, maybe since we moved to Idaho. But I feel lazy and tired and my knee is beyond swollen, so lazy pizza Saturday it is! Not to mention I had a coupon from Dominos wishing me "best success in my new home" for a free medium pizza.
What should I do with my 30 minutes?

Yay for Baby Blake!!

My sister Kristy had her baby tonight at 9:30ish. Blake Kyle arrived after 8 hours of labor (2 epidurals and 4 IVs)(lucky Kristy) weighing 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. Congrats Kristy and Brian! I can't wait to see him! 4 more days! woohoo! Love you guys!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So. Cal Bargaineers

Need some laundry detergent? I do not, but for your sake, I'll help ya out. Right now the All Small and Mighty is on sale for 2.99 at Ralphs. There is an internet printable that I linked on this blog for 1 dollar off. Well lucky for you, Ralphs doubles coupons, so 1 dollar becomes 2 and your All Small and Mighty becomes 99 cents. You really can't beat that.
So go stock up on laundry detergent. You can also do this deal with the fabric softener, the coupon for that was in the sunday paper, 2 weeks ago. I have a TON left. So if you let me know today that you want some of those coupons, I will gladly drop them in the mail, they should get there by tuesday.

Friday, May 23, 2008


CA has a stupid law (ok, maybe it's not that stupid) where you have to pay a deposit on any recyclable items. So if you do the vons deal, it will cost around 10 dollars. BUT if you take your cans to a recycling place after you drink them they will refund your deposit. So, I just wanted to let anyone that wants to do this deal in CA they will end up paying a little more, but you will get it back if you actually put the cans and bottles in your car, drive to a recycle place, and hand them over, lame... I guess putting them in the blue bin on your drive way for the recycle man to pick up isn't good enough anymore!

Thanks for the heads up Holly!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blog Posting Crazy!

This is like my 4th post this week... impressive for me. I guess I just have a lot to vent about this week, lol.

First, my mom did the deal at her safeway in AZ. and it worked! And it is linked to your card, so if you try to do it again, you wont get the water for free. but you'll still get all the soda.

Second, Aubrie had a nice surprise waiting for me when she woke up from her nap today. She was wearing a dress today, which allowed for easy access to her diaper. So she decided that she would go to the bathroom, then proceed to take her diaper off and smear the evidence. Sick, I know. So I spent my afternoon cleaning up her room, bumper, sheets, blankets, clothes, hands, feet, sippy, pacis... They need to make diaper locks. No more dresses for nap time.

Thirdly, I walked into Hailey's room to check on her tonight because Michael just kind of threw her in bed, clothes and all because she was being such a brat. Well I take a peek at her and she has a pacifier in her mouth! I told Michael to come look (she's been off of them for MONTHS), and he just kind of got this sly, guilty look on his face. HE GAVE IT TO HER! He said that she was being so obnoxious throwing a fit so he put her in bed, threw it at her and told her to be quiet! Lets just hope she doesn't think she gets it all the time now.

So I had a soccer game tonight. We lost 8-3. Pathetic. I don't know why 45 year old women insist on playing in an intermediate league when they can't even kick a soccer ball. Ugh. don't get me wrong, I don't mind playing with older women, but if you're playing in our league, be sure you know how to play! I'm thinking of starting my own team. Pyper, hurry and get that baby out so we can branch off!

I really should go to bed. It's 11:30 and I was contemplating taking Michael to work tomorrow. A friend of mine invited me over for a playdate at 10am. I really wanted to go so I said yes. I feel like if I say no, which would have been so much easier, given the day and time, then she'll just think I'm not interested in the future, therefore not invite me. And I need to make friends! So I figured I'd just take Michael to work, but I really am dreading not only my waking up, but waking the girls up at 4:45 to bring him. So I figured I would ride my bike and bring the girls in the trailer, but the weather is supposed to get to like 50 at that time, AND RAINING. Ugh, I really don't know what to do.

So the other day I rented Hailey a Dora movie at the redbox. Well I can't find it anywhere. It's not in the car, I didn't ever even bring it in the house. I have torn my house and car apart looking for it. It's missing. So now I'm thinking I'm gonna have to pay 28 dollars for a stinkin movie she never even got to see. BUT... normally when you rent at the redbox it shows pending in your bank account until it is returned, allowing them to charge you for the correct number of days. Well it showed pending day 1 (which was free because I used a code). Then the next day, it cleared my bank for 1.06... Hmm... do you think that maybe someone found it and returned it for me??? I can only hope! If you saw a redbox movie on the ground somewhere, like it had obviously fallen out of a car or something, wouldn't you pick it up and return it? I'd like to think so. I guess we'll see in another few weeks if I suddenly have a redbox charge for 28 dollars.

Well its late and I still wanna read a little bit... Goodnight friends and blog stalkers.

Those of you with Safeways (also Vons)

Safeway is having a pretty good deal right now on soda/water. If you have a safeway, please go do this deal for me :), we don't have one out here for me to take advantage of, so go get cheap soda!

Here is the breakdown...

Walk into Safeway
Go to the card section
Pick out 6 hallmark cards (get the 99cents ones)
Walk to the Soda section Get 4 12 packs of Soda (of the ones pictured below)
Then grab a 24 pack of .5 liter water (dasani or auqafina)
Go to checkout. Give the cashier your safeway/vons card (or phone number)
Make sure she rings the cards up first (it may work if she doesn't- but who wants to take the chance)
In the end it should take off everything BUT the cards.
So 5.94 for 6 hallmark cards, 4 12 pack sodas, and 1 24 pack of water


Right now there is a promo, buy any 3 hallmark cards, get a 12 pack of soda free. So when you buy 6, you get two free. Then there is this promo:

I believe the deal is linked to your card so don't try it twice with the same card, it probably wont work.

This sale goes through the 27th.


It's after midnight...

And I am still wide awake.

Why? You may wonder... Because every 15 minutes Aubrie wakes up (that is if she was ever asleep) and starts crying. She doesn't want to be rocked, if I take her out she just wants to play. If she does this a few more times, in go the ear plugs.
And please, don't feel bad for my husband that wakes up for work at 4:20... because he sleeps through EVERYTHING! Trying to wake him up for any reason is near impossible. Like last night, I needed to know what time to set the alarm for him to wake up... He kept muttering something about chow and west wing movement. Then he told me to set his alarm for 1:30 am... uhhh no. I finally got irritated after the 10th time of asking that I pried his eyelids open and said, JUST WAKE UP FOR 1 MINUTE AND TELL ME WHAT TIME YOU NEED THE ALARM SET FOR! It worked, he muttered 4:23. In the morning, he had no recollection of the aforementioned conversation at all.
She's quiet right now. I give it 4 more minutes and she'll be whining again. Isn't being a mom just great sometimes. Just for a few days (or maybe just 9 hours at night) I would love to be the dad.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Great Outdoors

So we decided Sunday afternoon to take a spur of the moment camping trip. We loaded the girls up in the car and took off. Spontaneity is truly the spice of life. The girls had an absolute blast. Aubrie was happier then she EVER is. She just wanted to walk all around the WHOLE time. And Hailey was having so much fun just hanging out. We went on a few hikes, made a campfire, had smores, and just enjoyed our time as a family. Enjoy the picture upload. And sorry for my messy children, we WERE camping. Michael kept making fun of me for trying to clean their faces or whatever every time I wanted to take a picture.
We went on a hike and started to walk back to camp because it was getting late. The girls and I were ahead of Michael quite a bit and he called us back to show us something (I really don't even remember what) well right as we got back to him here come these two deer about 40 feet away from us. It was really neat to see, and we were really glad we turned back around, for whatever it was.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today is a sad day...

I had to turn my air conditioning on.

I am not looking forward to next months power bill. I've been loving how low they are. Oh well, at least the gas bill will go down.

I'm curious though, what do you keep your A/C at?

Thanks Jessica!!

Blog hopping pays off :). Holly's neighbor, Jessica, who is a darling, sweet friend, read my blog and happens to have an extra phone collecting dust. Now I can stop wondering if Michael is on his way home from work, or if something happened while at work.

And we'll have no more "incidents" like yesterday. I laid Aubrie down for bed, grabbed a monitor (which I haven't used in MONTHS) threw some batteries in it, and ran across the street to get Hailey from the neighbors house. Well I could hear Aubs fine (she was asleep anyway) so I turned the monitor down to eliminate the loud static while chatting for a few short minutes with my neighbor. I turned the monitor up every few minutes and even ran across the street 2 times to make SURE she was asleep still. Well I was there for 20 minutes (I know I know, I'm an awful mom). I get a call on my cell phone from Michaels S.O.R.T phone, which he is only supposed to use in emergencies. Well he deemed this an emergency because he came home, closed the garage, walked into what he thought was an empty house, called out my name, the girls names, etc. Went into Aubs room to find her asleep. Confused and sort of worried, he called me. I told him I had a monitor and he laughed and said, yeah a lot of good that did since you NEVER heard me walk into our house! Whoops! He said next time he's gonna load Aubs up and leave, just to scare the bageezies outa me. Soooo, I have learned my lesson, and in the future I'll leave the monitor turned up, or watch the lights better, and I will lock all the doors if I am leaving my child for the shortest time. BUT it will still be nice to have a heads up phone call from him, so I know he is on his way.

So yes, now you all know that I am not nearly as perfect as you once thought ;).


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Albertons NW Region Deals

I have had a few requests for sharing my deals. So as they come I will post them if I feel they are worthy enough :).
So this one if for people in Utah, Colorado, Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Albertsons right now has their All Free & Clear Laundry Detergent on sale 5 for 15. When you buy 5 it takes off 5 dollars, so 5 for 10. Two dollars a bottle is pretty good. BUT there is a 1 dollar off coupon HERE making it a dollar a piece. This normally sells for 4-5 dollars. Today I bought 15, paid a little over 15 dollars and will be able to do 480 loads. 3.2 cents a load. Generally when you print coupons online you can only print 2 but this website let me print as many as I wanted. I just kept going back and it starting the print again.
So those of you in this region, stock up! This should last quite some time! Does laundry soap expire??

Aubrie decided

to throw Michael's cell phone in the toilet.

It's been one of those weeks.

If anyone has an old Verizon phone, I'd love you forever. I'll pay for it. We don't get upgrades until August.

Fabulous. Week.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things we're into...

I just feel like blogging about our most recent interests...

Her interests have not wavered. She is still extremely into MOM. Fun...
She also loves the park now a days. Swings and slides are her favorite!


She loves jumping on her new "jumperine" we bought her. She thinks its so much fun to put all her dolls or animals (or sister) on it and jump around!
Another thing she is into lately, is wearing Aubs clothes. Every morning she goes to Aubrie's closest and puts on her clothes, she insists on wearing them. She's a pretty petite little girl and Aubrie's clothes are 18 months so they fit fine, but it's just funny.

Just like Aubs, she loves the park too. The other day when we were getting ready to go, I was loading Aubrie in and told her to go tell dad we were ready and lets go. So she proceeds to go into our room, where he was on the computer, and
screamed at the TOP of her lungs, DAAAAAAD GET IN THE CAR RIGHT NOOOOOOOOW! She's never been so demanding, it was kind of funny!

Michael loves working out! He has these push up bars that he uses all the time and loves! He can crank out over 300 push ups in one sitting. Crazy guy!
They recently came out with a product called The Perfect Pull Up, that he has been eying. Maybe I'll have to get him it for Fathers day.
He's also into work, as usual. He got Employee of the Month for April. We're really proud of him!

Hmm, I have a lot of interests right now. I've been making bows like CRAZY. Mostly clips, and some bows. Here is Aubrie sporting one of my clippies!

I also am enjoying the Bachelor this season. I wanted to boycott it after last season where the idiot sent both girls home. But this season has been good. My favorite is Shayne. At first I didn't like her because she seemed snotty and high maintenance. But she actually seems very real. And yes, she is high maintenance, but she knows it and is proud of it! I'm excited for the season finale on Monday.

NBA playoff have been fun too. I am a Phoenix Sun fan, by default (lived there), plus I love their players. But my next favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs. And since they knocked the Suns out, I am rooting for them. Their last two games they got creamed, but tonight they played AMAZING. Love it! And no, I don't only watch basketball because I have a crush on Raja Bell and Tony Parker :).

My last obsession... ur, interest... is bargain shopping. Lol, I wont get into this, Lets just say that for this following picture, I paid 38 dollars total, I have 80 on a walgreens gift card now and 85 dollars in coupons towards my next purchase (that I will eventually put on a gift card). So they paid me over 125 dollars to take this out of their store.

27 toothpastes
12 razors (one in my shower)
7 candy bars
8 popcorns
82 covergirl items
12 zantacs
5 body washes

Will I use all this? Probably not, but how can I resist when they are PAYING ME to take it. I also used those coupons they gave me to get cereal at albertsons, I have 20 boxes and paid 3 dollars. Can't beat that!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Growing up...

That is exactly what my children are doing. It's inevitable. Sometimes you just don't want them to change at all, stay their sweet innocent childlike selves. But some changes are welcome... These changes were more then welcome in our home.

Hailey is now 100% potty trained. She did it herself one day. She has had maybe 2 accidents in 3 weeks. She even stays dry all night long. She loves wearing her big girl undies and would change them 5x a day if I let her. She adores the "wittle" potty at church that is just her size. She tries to leave sacrament constantly saying she has to pee, just so she can go use that toilet. Silly girl!

Aubrie is now (at nearly 14 months) a walker! She still crawls here and there, but she is now starting to chose walking over crawling. We knew she could do it, she just didn't care to. Shes much happier now too. And she's sleeping better at night again, could there be a connection?

While seeing my children grow and become their own little people can be heart wrenching at times, seeing them accomplish milestones like these make it all worth it.