Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things I am Thankful for

A little late for Thanksgiving, but things around here have been kind of hectic, and Thanksgiving wasn't a very "thankful" day, so to speak. So I figured I'd take the time to write down some things I am grateful for, trivial or not.

* First and foremost, my family. All of them, children, husband, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, nieces and nephews.

* Fast food. As gross as it is, and fattening, there are just some days where I am pooped! I am so thankful I can call Michael on his way home from work and ask him to pick me up some love handles with a side of grease at Panda Express.

* Modern medicine. Tylenol, Immodium, Exedrine Migraine, Anti-depressants, Dulcolax, Infant gas drops, origel, jet alert, Advil and much much more. No, I am not a druggy, and actually I don't even like to take medicine, but sometimes you just have to be grateful for the presence of it in your life, whether it effects you directly or indirectly.

* Criminals. Yes the world would be a much happier place, and carefree without druggies, murderers, drug dealers, rapists, chomos, tax evaders, fraudulent people, but then my husband would be out of a job.

* Naptimes. And the fact that my daughters simultaneously take naps, which then allows mom to grab her pillows and blanket, lay on the couch and fall fast asleep.

*Vacuums. Aubrie puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. I vacuum 2 times a day and she still finds the crumbs on the floor. But can you imagine how much crap she would have consumed had their been no vacuums invented?

*Charmin Toilet Paper. Nothing else is soft enough. I hate going to other peoples homes and needing to use the restroom only to find gas station toilet paper (I use the term toilet lightly, as it really feels like paper).

*Clorox wipes. Oh the ease.

*Good Friends. Be it friends you see daily, friends you "type" with daily, friends you talk on the phone with daily, or even just friends that you haven't seen in years, good friends are hard to come by, so I'm grateful for the ones I have.

*E-bay. Whatever you do, buy or sell, its a good place to make money and save money.

*Good TV. Mindless, drama filled, slutty, ridiculous, moral less television makes for good tv and something to do when everyone else is sleeping. Tila Tequila, come on, how much trashier does it get, but I love it!

*Churros and a sprite at costco. My guiltiest pleasure of them all.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Messy Children

So I suppose I should start keeping a closer eye on my children. We've had a few messy incidents the last few days.

First I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day (yes it was already 5 pm, but thats beside the point) and Hailey decided to put some blush on her face. No big deal, cleaned it off and left the room. 5 minutes later I realized she never followed me out of the bathroom. So I called her name and she came running. This is what she looked like.

I'm quite impressed that she mostly only got it on and around her eyes.

Fast forward to today. I'm on the phone dealing with the fact that I now have a suspended license (thats a story for another post). Well Hailey comes to me and says, Mamma, Aubrie cookie! So I turn around and look at Aubrie and sure enough, Hailey decided to share the cookies with her.

So like I said, I guess it's time to start paying a little more attention to my girls. Hailey just loves to be so helpful. She'll share anything with her sisiter, her milk, water, peanut butter sandwich, pretzels, toys, moms cell phone, Kevs Xbox controllers, cereal, pacifiers, and now cookies. Oh the joys!

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Camera

My camera came in the mail yesterday. I was so excited. It's a Canon PowerShot S3IS. In the past 3 years I have had my fair share of digital cameras. Trying to find one that I just love and does exactly what I want it to do. Which is:
Take good looking pictures
Not instantly blur when my subject moves (seeing that my subjects are normally a 2 year old and 8 month old, this is very important)
Quick processing. It must be able to take a picture and turn around and focus again for another picture rather quickly. I always tend to miss perfect moments when its processing.
Durable (I have a 2 year old, enough said)
Good Zoom- sometimes I'm really far away and want to take a picture unnoticed.

Not too much to ask right? Yeah that's what I thought. First I had a Casio. At the time it was ok for what I needed. I didn't have kids and it was more of a "fun" camera. It crapped out rather quickly though. About a year ago we lost it when we were in vegas. It wasn't too much of a disappointment seeing as we were already looking for a new one. Then I bought a Sony Cybershot. Hated it! The picture were dark and grainy. They would look ok on the LCD screen, but once loaded on the computer, they were awful. So that was quickly returned to Costco. Next I had a Kodak Z something or other. It was great! The turnaround time on the pictures wasn't the best, but everything else was good that I let that slide. Well after 10 months of having it, something went wrong. The pictures were all over exposed and had lines through them. Heidi had the same exact problem with her camera ( same model ). So as sad as it was, I returned it. I bought another Kodak and HATED it. I returned it within a week. So for a while I was cameraless. I finally found one and decided to give it a try. The reviews were great. And I LOVE IT! The processing time is great, best I've had. I think this camera is going to last me a while. Which is such a relief since I am so sick of dealing with camera issues! Anyway, I'm done with my ranting. Here are some pictures from my new camera...
This is Aubs enjoying her pizza crust at Costco.

Hailey being a cheese ball- nothing new.

Aubrie just being cute.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hard Days + Long Nights =

That's right, Aubs finally got a tooth through. She's actually been relatively good. But on top of it she has an ear infection, so she was given antibiotics and now she has a yeast infection. Poor girl wakes up 3 times a night just screaming. All she wants is to be held. Which is different for us because normally she just wants to be laid down and left alone.
Today Aubrie is 8 months. She has been such a good baby. She had a rough start but now she's just happy to be herself! She loves her big sister more then anything! She can just watch Hailey forever and laugh. She is not quite crawling yet. She scoots, but gets so frustrated when she can't get where she wants. She started pulling herself onto her knees a few weeks ago and just likes to look around. I've been pretty slow with giving her solids, mostly out of sheer laziness, but today I gave her toast and she LOVED it. Then at dinner I gave her some noodles and she loved those too. I guess I should start feeding her more, lol. Well thats my update on my toothy girl!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I now have a computer, wooofreakinghoo! So now I can update my blog (no promises to how often that will be). Next step is to get a new camera. I'm trying to decide between two, and once I decide I will start taking more pictures. So please excuse the utter crappiness of the quality of these following pictures. They were taken with my Mother in Laws camera, and lets just say it is definitely not top of the line.

So Halloween was a blast. Hailey couldn't be more excited. She LOVED running up to the doors and yelling, "Twick Tweet". And she was overly adamant that whenever she was given candy, Aubrie needed some too. So after grabbing 5 pieces out of the bowl for herself, yes, GRABBING, not kindly waiting for the other person to hand it to her (now what 2 year old would do that?) she would look at the person and say, "Aubrie canny?". I think she was secretly scheming to get more candy for herself, because lets face it, Aubrie isn't going to eat Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and Butterfingers, as much as she would LOVE to.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my kiddos!!
I like this first one because I think it looks like both my bugs are gonna fly away, but Michael seems to think that Hailey looks like she's trying to fill her diaper.

Well I have a few more to post, but Blogger is being lame and keeps giving me errors. So I will come back and post those pictures.