Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When can I relax!?

I have been so busy this past week that I am getting VERY worn out!
I had to finish a photobook for a friend in like 4 days. It was 35 pages. Crazy!! At least it's now done and off my list.
We leave town Thursday afternoon, and I still have 1000 things to do.
Here is just some of what needs done-
Ultrasound for placenta check (I have a low lie)- today
Chiropractor- today
Bank- today
Get stamps, finish sending out x-mas cards- today
2 loads of laundry and pack- today
Clean out car- today
Clean the house- today/tomorrow
Get together a gift basket for a mom in our ward- today
Take my MIL and Aubrie to the airport- tomorrow
Hailey's christmas party- tomorrow
Dr. Apt- tomorrow
Pack Car- tomorrow
Be out of house by 12:30/pick up M from work- tomorrow
Drive to Vegas- tomorrow.

Ugh, Maybe when we finally get to Arizona sometime next week, I'll be able to relax. If I were any closer to my due date, I think this week would put me into labor. 47 more days!

Monday, December 15, 2008

God Made them Sisters....

Life made them Best Friends...

While we were putting the girls down for bed tonight they were both having their own separate issues. Aubrie just wanted to be cranky and be rocked. And Hailey wanted to sleep on the ground. Michael told her that he wouldn't let her sleep on the ground, and she said, but Aubrie is!! So in an attempt to show her that Aubs was NOT sleeping on the ground, he took her to her room. When they walked in Aubrie popped her head up and said, Hi! Michael turned to walk out with Hailey and Aubs starts crying, "Haaaaaysss!". So Hailey looks at Michael and says, I wanna sleep with Aubrie.
Me... I would have laughed at her, and carried her back to bed. But I was in my room working on my computer, so Michael tells her, Sure, hop in her crib.

He then comes into our room laughing. Tells me, the girls are both happy, I have it taken care of. But he is still laughing, so I know something is up. I go to peek in on them, and sure enough they are both in the crib, talking and laughing with each other. So I decide I will give them a few minutes, either they will get sick of each other or they'll fall asleep. 20 minutes later, they are still talking. I go in and find Aubrie's pacifier in Hailey's mouth (probably why she wanted to sleep with her). So I give it to Aubrie and tell Hailey if she keeps talking she has to go back to her room. I leave again.


Or so I think...

Nope, they just got smart and started whispering.

So I come out and tell Michael that since he allowed this he has to be the bad guy and go break them up. I go get in the tub.

So he goes back in.

M: Hailey, you need to get out and go back in your room because you are not closing your eyes and sleeping.

H: Noooo... Aubrie keeps talking and touching me.

M: That's because you're in her tiny crib. Aubrie, do you want Hailey to go to her own room?

A: No, night! (covers her eyes with her hands)

M: If you girls don't stop talking and sleep, Hailey has to go to her room.

5 minutes later I get out of the tub...

Silence. For real this time.

We'll see how the whole night goes, and if they wake up at their usual time. This will be interesting. I think we're gonna move Aubries crib into Hailey's room when we get back into town. We're going to have to do it eventually anyway, so why not when they are excited about it?

My question... what on earth do a 3 year old and a 21 month old talk about for an hour? Do they understand each other?? Silly girls!