Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stupid Plant Shelves!

I have plant shelves in my new house. One kind of lining the kitchen and one along the wall of the kitchen/family room. Welp, I don't know what the heck to do with them! I know that if I put stuff up there it's pretty high maintenance and has to be dusted like weekly or else it just looks gross. But it just looks boring with nothing up there! So anyone out there with plant shelves, SPEAK UP! I wanna see pictures! Lurkers and all, come out, come out! Do I do the typical ivy looking plants that just lay across the whole thing, or do I do some sort of art, maybe lights? Candle holders? I want any and all ideas. I'll look for my camera cord so I can post pictures, then maybe it'll be a little easier to help. Thanks!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My journey of losing weight...

So I finally decided it was time to lose these extra baby pounds, yes, my baby is almost a year old, shh! For once in my life I actually looked in the mirror and felt fat. Putting my jeans on was depressing because they were so tight in my thighs (which has NEVER been a problem for me) and I always had a "Muffin-top". So I racked my brain as to how I wanted to go about dropping the weight. I had 20 lbs total I wanted gone. I would be ok with just losing 15, for now, but my goal really is 20. Anyway, I've never had to diet in my life. After I had Hailey the weight just fell off. I was wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans at 6 weeks post-partum. With Aubrie, they still don't fit. Sad story.
So I explored my options, eating healthy and exercising makes the most sense, and is generally the easiest. But I have a hard time eating healthy because I don't like vegetables. So I signed up for weight watchers. It is pretty much the same as counting calories, but instead they turn calories into "points". Which essentially is just a plot to scheme customers and make money, because I guess counting calories is too hard and no one wants to look at the box and figure it out. But if they can sit down and type in the food they ate and the computer spits out a point value, it just seems to much easier. And it is.
So I started the free online trial. I was hungry for the first few days because really its just taking what I used to eat, and cutting it in half. I never realized how much I overate. After I got used to the smaller portions, it became easier. After my first week, I dropped 3.5 lbs. And most importantly, I feel better. Don't get me wrong, I'm still no where close to my goal, and my thighs still disgust me, as does my baby belly, but I am 3.5 lbs closer to my goal then I was last week. So that's enough to keep me truckin! My free trial ended on Saturday, but I decided with the info my mom sent me (thanks mom!) and what I learned the first week, I can do it on my own. I guess if I don't drop at least 2 lbs this week, I'll actually pay for it, but I'm gonna see what I can do.
So besides eating less, and better, I have been trying to go to the gym a few times a week. I think Michael has been my biggest motivation, he'll take an hour and blow out 600 (no lie) or more push ups. Ha, I can do maybe 2. Plus on top of that, when we were in Arizona he put on a pair of jeans and looked at me and goes, "are these mine!?". Haha, no, they weren't. They were mine and looked SOOO much better on him. Now that's sad hey? I can already tell though, in just a week of working out, how much better shape I am in. Last night I ran 2 miles in 21 minutes and wasn't even dying. My goal is 3 miles in less then 30 minutes. I think its very attainable. A group of my friends are all trying to get in shape for a 5k in the coming months, so I figured I'd try also. Yeah, their times will all probably cream mine, but I just wanna finish it!
So everyone, keep me motivated! Make me accountable. I WANT THIS FATTY GONE! I'll update on sunday when I weigh myself again.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Amy and Steve are having a baby!!

I got a phone call this morning at like 7:50, so of course, I ignore it. I didn't even look to see who it was. Then 2 minutes later I got a text message. It was my best friend Amy telling me to check my voice mail (she knows that I never do) because her water broke. So instead I just called her. Sure enough she's on her way to the hospital.
I'm just going to update on my blog as she calls and gives me updates. I know there are a few people that wanna know what's going on. Plus I guarantee that she isn't writing it down and so this will probably come in handy later.

At 9:00 she was dilated 2 cm.

She just got her epidural and is feeling MUCH better.

Talked to her around 11 (her time of course) and she is still at a 2 but 90% effaced. She said she is in heaven from her epidural and didn't know how she ever thought she could do it without one, lol... They bumped up her pitocin drip and she is now going to try to take a nap.

Theres been some great progress. Around 1:30 she was at a 6, and the last message I got she was at a 7-8. So before she knows it she'll be pushing her baby boy into the world!

Just talked to her. She said it should be soon now. She was at a solid 8 last time they checked.

he entered the world around 7pm, weighing 7lbs 13oz and is 19 inches long. He has fuzzy black hair!

The picture I got wasn't wonderful, so I'll post one when I get a better one. But he's a cutie, take my word for it!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life finally slowing down...

We've had a whirlwind of a couple of weeks, but finally things are getting back to normal.

We left for Arizona on Sunday the 30th. We weren't supposed to leave for a few more days, so when we found out that Michael could get Wednesday covered, we rushed to pack and get ready. Therefore we didn't get out of town until after 3. Well we realized that driving after dark on the Utah/Idaho border wasn't the smartest thing. It was snowing and icy. At one point I was turned around trying to calm Aubrie and Michael says to me, You need to turn around and put your seatbelt on. I brattily (quite the word huh), responded with, I was just getting Aubrie her paci, I'll put it back on... Fast forward literally 1 minute later... Round and round we go, spinning on ice. Thankfully Michael was able to control the car and keep us on the road. That's more then the other 4 cars we saw can say. I'll admit it, I was pretty scared, and Michael did admit that after the fact he was sort of nervous and thought we'd be off the road. We ended up stopping in Pleasant Grove and staying with my old roommate Dana. It was great to see her and her family.
The next morning we woke up at 5 am and hit the road. We made a few stops before reaching Gilbert, AZ. We stopped in flagstaff for a couple of hours to give the girls a break and get our oil changed. We finally reached our destination around 6.
It was great seeing our family. We had tons of fun.
One of the best parts of the trip was going out quading with Heidi's family. Hailey wanted to ride with Kylee the whole time!

My mom, Sandra, Michael and I went to a Phoenix Suns game. We watched them CREAM the Denver Nuggets.

Then we drove to California and stayed at Holly's house. We had way too much fun there! We played games, went shopping, hung out with friends, and went out to dinner. Thanks again Holly and Chad for being the greatest! I also got to see Amy while I was out there. I can't wait till her baby gets here!

For the last leg of our trip we drove to Las Vegas. We spent a few hours with my good friend Nikki, her husband John, and their almost 2 year old, Karli.

Well you'd think since we already had one bad experience driving after dark through the border of Utah/Idaho, we'd have learned our lesson... Well, I had. I told Michael we should probably stay in Utah, but he was insistent that we make it home. Well I woke up at one point and couldn't see the road. All I could see were HUGE snowflakes pounding our windshield. He told me to go back to sleep. So I gladly did. Come to find out later, that he was practically driving in a blizzard and his estimate was that it got up to 4 inches before got out of it. Thank goodness I was sound asleep, I would have had a heart attack I'm sure. He said he contemplated once or twice on turning around, but couldn't ever see an exit even, eek. But obviously, we made it home safely.

Now that we've been home, we're moving homes! It's been a crazy busy week, loading, unloading, unpacking and putting away. For the most part the house is put together, so that's nice. The girls are doing really well with the adjustment. Hailey loves her new house, new room, and new kitchen. Aubrie, I think, is just relieved to be back in her own bed, no matter where it is!

Anyway, I'll do a new post in a few days when the house is completely done, with pictures.